Plants after 22 days

A question from a fellow grower:

This is what my plants look like after 22 days. These are feminized White Widows. The conditions have been as follows.
Temp 70-77
Humidity 60-77
I water with 6.0 water and drains with 6.5PH.
Soil PH is 7.0

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Now the “fun” start’s - healthy looking Seedling’s !!!

You started with…a question from a fellow grower. Lol what is your question?

I think the question was how do they look maybe? I think they look great, but I kill everything. I can say that I have GL and WW sprouting outside and they looked like that in 6 or 7 days from dropping them in water. Are yours outdoors?

Bad seeds. Mine have three internoids and they are 14 days old. Mine are gold leaf, og kush which are doing well. Then I have one purple haze that looks horrible. The other 3 did not germinate. I have one that I haven’t tried but past behavior is a good predictor of future behavior. Your plants remind me of my purple haze. I would contact customer service.

What kind of soil is it ?

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They look too cold but that doesn’t match the temps given.
Are there holes in the cups ? I forgot that once and didn’t know till I moved them to a bigger pot and then they took off catching up the the other plant with in weeks

OK, here’s my 2 cents…

As a point of comparison, I have 2 seedlings that i started the germination process with exactly 2 weeks ago. Even though they only broke through the soil 9 days ago, they are both way ahead of what I’m seeing in your pics. Setting aside variations in strain (I’ve never grown White Widow and the seedlings I’m using for comparison are Northern Lights Auto) I’d be wondering about the medium you are growing them in.

As a side thought, I actually have a pair of tomato plant seedlings that I started a month ago. Their leaves have good color, stems are sturdy, and appear perfectly healthy aside from the fact that they are stunted in just the manner that your seedlings appear to be. In my case it’s because I was experimenting with decompostable starter containers. Germinated the seedlings in them and the idea was to just transplant them, containers and all, into the bigger container so as to avoid damaging the roots. Turns out the compostable containers were less compostable than described and the roots on both plants were stunted, turning them into bonsai. This makes me wonder, what did you start your seeds in?

That is some terrible looking soil to for seedlings, you need to get yourself some seed starting soil and transplant straight away. May be a bit late for that, but just get some good quality soil, spending a bit now will give you 10x better results in the end

@BondPacker I keep looking at the pics and asking myself “Is that bits of gravel in there?” The plants look healthy, but stunted. Like Bonsai really. I’d love to see how dense the soil is and what the roots look like.

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Healthy in colour yes but in size no. The soil has way too much dense material and bark in it, not allowing the tiny new root system to grow freely through it, therefore stunting growth. seems as though they’ll learn the hard way - start seeds in the lightest, nutrient free soil you can find. Absolutely no mulch or stones

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One thing, are those red plastic drinking cups? Probably not a good idea for more than a few days. If there are no drainage holes in the bottoms it might make things worse. Plastic is hot, moisture repelent, and air tight. I think the plants need a good dose of air and light. Get them out of the cups. My thought anyway!

I agree on the starter cups. I was thinking 22 days in them could be a long time. It sounds like you have had success with them. When do you transplant?

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