Plant Training of Auto Flowers

Is it ok to train AF strains? Can they be defoliated and bent to optimize the tops, or does it hurt them? I know there are a lot of theories on this. Is there really a definitive answer?

Don’t want to hurt my plants. Just want to optimize yield.


The only thing going to get hurt with that question are the feelz :rofl:

I have No Clue but once not so long ago I grew 3 autos in the exact same conditions one i bent aggressively one i bent softly and one i didn’t touch at all.
the one i didn’t touch yielded most…
Just my experience…

But yes theories :wink:


Newbie here bout 5 weeks into first grow with autos and from what i understand autos aren’t really meant for or respond well to major training techniques because they have a shorter life span and can’t recover properly…a person can FIM them, do some LST or maybe TOP them but apparently that’s even risky with autos… too much stress can stunt them.

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I was also going to attempt to scrog mine but chose not to also because of the shorter life span and not enough time to properly train/direct them in the screen/net

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I’ve never grown autos but have been looking into starting some here soon from everything I’ve read/watched its not smart to top or fem autos but LST is king for optimizing plant growth and tops id highly recommend watching 420 Scene on YouTube he grows monster autos

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I grow autos! Left was LSTd right was topped and tied


Nice big cola on the right😍 what strains?


Both white widow autos keeping in mind they are only in 3 gal pots!


This is a jack herer auto. More than a little LST

Six days later

I did not top her.
At harvest. For the most part filled a 22"x22" screen


understand topping. LST, no clue?

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Low Sterss Training :wink:

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@Nicky @Not2SureYet are 2 auto growers that yield a nice amount and do lst supercropping and all.


If u have fb there is a guy on there that does autos and photos. He is called northern scroggers. He does some super impressive scrog grows. They r like picture perfect scrogs


I have 5 Banana K that I’m going to attempt to defoliate fan leaves around the bud sites to get them light and just bend enough to give the air as well. All 5 germinated.

I have 10 GG still in the dome. Been in there for a long time almost 3 weeks and not very big? Planted 20 and only 11 came up and one just died for no particular reason that I can determine. A 50% yield is not acceptable given how expensive the seeds are. Trusting they replace 10 of them. Not sure I’ll do anything with these. Just trim bigger fan leaves and open up bud sites. I’ll get them tall enough and use the netting method to hold them up.


Autos grow faster than photos but you have to provide a optimum environment.

Growing autos well shows you know how to keep your environment ideal.
It can be a steep learning curve and some love that because it forces you to get good to get results.


Thank you Nicky…I have had really good success with zkittles auto flower and a variety of other strains of fem seeds.

just 1.5 years into this and been getting better. Going to try LST on 5 of my auto Banana K and leave the GG AF alone other than defoliating them to expose bud sites.


If those have been in a dome for that long. Odds are they will be a tough grow. Mine are out of domes after 24 hours. Even with lower humidity. I may dome them for a few hours here and there if they look like they need it. But in a dome with all that humidity. There is not much air for them to breath. Just my O2 there.


probably not try this strain again…

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I use a clear tote for doing my little ones. That way. With the lid on. I get good humidity and there is room for them to breath. I have a few holes drilled in the sides so I can use a small fan to blow fresh air in once they have hit about 7 days old. Just a though. The tote can be any color. The lid needs to be clear for the light to shine through.

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Just looked at them again just now. The ten (10) out of twenty (20) are starting to look pretty good. Significant growth over the last two days. Just not sure why 10 failed to germinate. All were treated the same.

Probably move them into the tents this weekend. I’ll start hardening them on Thursday and shoot for tent planting on this Sunday…Three weeks in the dome, i’m concerned about this as well. I’ve never had a grow as unusual as this. Of course I never did a grow of GG AF. All my seeds from ILGM are anywhere between 85-100% germination…Tough strain for some reason and I’m trying to figure out why some grew, one died for no reason and 10 look ok I believe. Hoping none of the ones I transfer to the tent parish.