Plant starting to flower?

Had to move a few plants a little over a week ago and i am use to seeing pre flower pistols but i feel like im seeing more then normal…? What do you think?? Are thoes just pre flower pistols or is it the early stage of flower ???


That looks like where I start counting flowering days. With clusters of hairs, not just two on each top. Some wait til there are porcupines all over the plant. It might be the difference between those who count 8 weeks and those who count 9 or 10 but it’s close. Good growing


Are those outside?
The new pistils turning brown is unusual for a plant that young.
Could be pollenated or maybe just heat. Sometimes its things sprayed on the plant like bug killer or fungicide. Keep an eye out for seeds if you haven’t treated it. Probably ok, but just pointing out what I saw.