Plant growth and care 🌱

Can anyone tell me if the leaf is normal please.


Look good to me. Looks like it’s time for a little bit of nutrients, unless you have some in your soil already?

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@Bluedream_45 - Those leaves turning yellow are the first “round” leaves. It’s normal for them to turn color and fall off. It all looks good to me.

IMO I think it’s to early for nutes…


@HappyCamper is correct that its normal.
@Noctis420 Way to young for nutes.

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I gave mine nutes in hydro I don’t do soil :wink: just a suggestion I only gave it like 100 ppm

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I know it’s just a lil plant, but that had me worried. Thanks a lot, glad to hear that.

I think it does but need to do more research on it. But thanks for commenting, feels good to know that is just fine.

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Ok. And when should I start with nutes?

What size pot are you in now? What soil?

Soil is hyponex by scotts potting soil, not sure about the pot size but I think it’s a 9" one. Sorry I’m not being specific, currently not home otherwise I would check.

When to start nutes will depend on a few things. It wont need any until both the feeder leaves dry up. And it will depend on the soil you will be using and how many nutes are already in the soil. If you transplant to a bigger pot you will have fresh soil in it, and again depending on the soil what nutes are already in it, if any.
If you go with a soil like Fox Farms Ocean Forest, you wont need any nutes for a month or so.

What is the strain? And is it a Photo or Auto plant?


The strain is sweet Harlem, I think the nutes in the soil are good for 4 months, what do you mean by photo or auto plant?

A Photo Period Plant will start flowering when you switch the lighting to a 12/12 light schedule.
A Auto plant will start flowering on its own.

That Hyponex is a soilless mixture, and I’m not familiar with it. Calling in others that might know more about it.
@Majiktoker @Hogmaster @Countryboyjvd1971 @bob31 @Donaldj @garrigan62 @Wishingilivedina420state @peachfuzz

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Thanks for the help on the soil, how can I tell if it’s a auto or photo plant ?

Go back to the website where you bought them and check. if they are bag seed or gifted then …

@Bluedream_45 @Rugar89

I can’t find the ingredients listed for Hyponex. Can we get a pic of the ingredients off of the bag please? or list them for us?

I gotta tell you though that the most recent reviews I could find from 2008-2011 were brutally negative about this “crap” as most called it.

I would find something else if it were me.

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I have never used it myself so no help there @Bluedream_45 @Rugar89
I have started using pro mix bx myself at about half the cost of ffof soil :+1:
it’s a soilless medium and no nutes added :+1:

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I wouldn’t use it myself just based on it being a MG soil with bad reviews reguarding compaction drainage when I can get promix or sunshine #4 for lower price both of which are tried and true


Thanks @Rugar89. You just answered a question I posed on another thread :smile:. I’m doing my first transplant from a solo cup to a 5 gal soft pot using FFOF. Is this plant officially in Veg? - #9 by HappyCamper


So can I still switch to fox farms or oceans forests ?

Sure you can.
I would also suggest a 5 gallon grow pot. I use fabric pots and a lot of others on here do as well.