Plant growing problems

Hey good people, I’m still having plant issues. This is my third grow and I grow in my basement, but this is a new basement and it feels colder down there than my other basement. I have a 4x4x80 vivosun grow tent with 2 HLG 260XL’s for lighting, in FoxFarm Happy Frog soil. I’ve been testing my water with a ph kit, but didn’t trust it and just bought an Apera PC60 ph tester. Because I was using tap water that was coming in with a ph between 7.5 and 8.5, I started adding a little lemon juice to get the ph to about 6.5. I’ve also been using distilled water but that gets expensive. I wrote before and the advice was maybe I was adding too many nutrients, so I stopped feeding them nutes because I wanted to see what the ph of the runoff was. Here are the results: Water going in had ph of 7.5, Cond was 2.13, TDS was 1.51, and Salinity was 0.11. Runoff on one plant had a ph of 6.25, Cond 2.04, TDS 1.45, Salinity 1.02. here’s the strange part(unless I’m reading meter wrong, but I looked close), Plant #2 had a ph of 5.96, Cond of 1000, TDS 711, Salinity of 0.50. What should these numbers be? Attached are some pics…I have 5 in the grow tent. They’re all 6 weeks old(Veg). Three are Skywalker OG and two are Gorilla Glue. They’re growing kind or gnarly…not straight up, even though I’ve raised the lights. I know you don’t like pics under the grow light, but they honestly came out better than pics outside the tent. I know it looks like nute burn, but the only thing I’ve added is some Cal/Mag and some Preen to help with some black aphids. Help…I want to go to flower mode



Looks like maybe the scale on your TDS meter got changed from EC to PPM. No way to make sense of those numbers as they stand: I would suggest getting runoff data (TDS and PH) in a ppm format that we can all understand. FYI the EC (TDS) of 1.45 is about 700 ppm on the NACL scale.