Planning second auto grow - can use some advice

No sweat I have a thread on it here, please give. It a like I’m trying to get to 100 likes on it


@Nicky, I have been looking into DLI and the short version of the story seems to be that you want to have the right amount of light at the right time. So that you can optimize your lighting for the cycle of your grow. When I read the articles they seem to point towards photoperiod plants. Although I supposed Auto Flowers have the same cycles just typically shorter. I am planning to build out a schedule then tweak it along the way so that I can hopefully produce high quality results every time. I do have a lux meter but I have also downloaded the photone app. So I can better understand my PPFD.


That’s the best part about autos you can run them at 60 dli without worrying about light bleaching your girls( getting 60 dli with only 12 hours a day would be freaking bright) but my current schedule is 12 dli for the first 4 days 15 dli next 4 then 20 then basically 5 more every 4 days until I hit 60 then when my 1st girl gets 75% darkened pistols back it down to 45 to avoid foxtails( learned from Nicky)


@GreenSnek is right.

I have been mainly an auto grower until this year, I run my autos on a 20/4 (due to cold Temps outside I like to keep it warm 20hr a day and stable) otherwise if you can achieve the DLI at 18hr a day that’s fine to.

If your struggling with heat then run your lights as short as possible, even if it’s only 16hr.

If your struggling with stability or cold Temps run them 20hr a day.

Your using the same amount of power