Pink Polka Dot Nute Deficiency?

Can some one take a whack at this deficiency please? This is an auto Durban Poison in second week veg it is in Happy Frog mixed with Original Nature’s Living soil. Rate = 1lb mix / 5 gal Happy frog. Her sister Durban has no problems. They both showed pre flowers in veg week 3. The problem is climbing from bottom to top.

Thanks for any help.

Im new here but Ill tag some great people who maybe able to help. Are you sure its not nutrient spray?
@dbrn32 @Myfriendis410 @hellraiser

Strange pattern, have you been spraying it with anything? Look under the affected leaves and see what’s going on there.


My first response would be what @Hellraiser said. I have had a similar looking issue when sweat drops get on my leaves when I am working in my tent as well as with splashing from water/solution when watering :v:


Something is wrong. Its even on the newer leaves. Some if the pros have been tagged.

@MattyBear, @Myfriendis410

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Pretty sure that’s just lensing from droplets.


Thanks, the only spray they received was a little kelp. However they might have been splashed when feeding other plants. I have some in coco and some in soil. Its still freezing at night around here, the soil goes outside when ever its safe.

Thanks for responding. The under side is a mirror its a browner color though. The pattern is moving vertically. It sure does look like drops. I’m feeding adjacent plants with Bergman’s nutes (in coco/perlite). When watering the PH of the over water is 6.2.


Thanks for responding. FYI I have found Green Crack to be really good for neck pain (relaxes the tightness)…and it is a picker upper . I also found Mag Landrace to be highly narcotic and good at night. Can you recommend anything?

I like so many strains. Trainwreck, Bruce Banner, Blue Dream, Tora Bora (hard to get), Bubba Kush, Peach Puree CBD just spit balling off the top if my head. I’ve smoked several hundred strains. :joy::joy::joy:

I am really digging the Peach Puree CBD.

@MrPeat did you grow Bubba Kush?
If just flipped mine on my first grow so any tips appreciated. Ill tag you in my grow journal if I haven’t already. Sorry to hijack your thread @Jboylan but really interesting in BK as Im growing it atm and there is very little info on growing this strain. Imo
Thank you

I think that @iGrowBud has it growing now :v:

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No I haven’t grown it yet. Its in the to do list a mule long.

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