Pictures of my first grow Big Bud Auto's

Pics are from April 6th and I just took the last picture today, I am 37 days into the grow


They are looking good. When they start to grow. It happens pretty quick. Or that happened for me. I am on day 43 of a B.B. auto my self. It will be cool to see how some one else s turns out. :grin:

That’s cool, hey can u show me some pics of yours?? I am curious to compare them because we are within five days of each other, nine just started smelling and growing like crazy a week ago. What are you using for nutrients? I am using the 3 fox farm nutrients big bloom, grow big and tiger bloom, I use 1/2 of the recommended dose or a little more than half

Here is a link to my grow. The big bud is the one in the front that is not making buds. It is starting to make flowers though. I expect if I didn’t mess it up to bad to start growing more any time. I broke a branch the other night…
I am in coco and am using the flora nova trio. I am at a 1/4 strength right now. Mostly so I could use the same mix for the big bud and AK. I will be starting 1/2 strength tonight though. See how that goes.

I was wondering if you topped your B.Buds? Against all the advice I received on here I couldn’t resist and I topped mine week 3 and I am glad I did because they are doing so good, the one big mistake I made right of the bat was over watering so now I just water every 3 days, today they were really looking droopy but once I watered them they perked right up within an hour, I am also using more nutrients I am gonna start just doing the full doses rather than 1/2


I topped the Blue Dream and AK-47. I didn’t top the Big Bud. I just let it go as it is. Mine get droopy right before watering time too.I just started week 7 friday. This one is 27" tall now. Hopefully it slows down a bit. My light is almost at the top of the tent. What size pots are you using?

Hahahahaha, I ordered five auto big bud seeds, 3 popped in 48 hrs and the other two didn’t, I honestly just figured that they were duds but I kept the two in the wet paper towel just in case and a week and a half later another one finally popped lol so thank goodness I didn’t throw them away but if you look you can see that one of my plants is way smaller than the other three but the weird thing is that all four started flowering at the same time so I am thinking that I am gonna have one plant with a lot less yield but who knows lol

What kind of LED light do you have? I have a 1200w Mars with a veg and bloom switch, it is supposed to cover 4’x4’ but
I think i am going to have to buy some of those full spectrum led light bulbs to get more light for my next grow, I have pineapple crush regular seeds and some skunk seeds that I got for free with the order, I converted half of my 12’×6’ shed into a grow room, the grow space is 4’×5’

I am thinking about starting 10 or 12 seeds because I will have to sex them and figure I will lose some. What are the odds of getting a female? I heard its 50/50 chance, I have 20 pineapple crush seeds so I mine as well do half of them hahahahaha

Your plants look real nice, the big bud plants look a lot like mine, they are nice and full, most of the pics from other people’s autos seem to be less full, maybe its because I kept the light low so they wouldn’t stretch, I am honestly just winging this lol I don’t really check the PH at all lol, I have a crappy meter but it says that my tap water ph is 6.0, last time I checked plants ph it was like 6.2 or a little higher but they are growing awesome so I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, they are weeds after all so I think they will be fine

This should help

I have 3 450 viparspectra and one 300 viparspectra in a 4x4 tent. One light over each plant.
I kept the light at about 22" to start and now it is at 27" I would say to keep an eye on the ph and if you don’t have a TDS meter. You should get one. It will give you a good idea if your plants are using what you feed them. Most of the trouble I had last grow was due to, to high a ppm for my water. Every thing was great at the start. Growing in soil was more forgiving than in coco for using straight tap water for me.
I think you are supposed to be above 6.5 for soil. Don’t quote me on that. A search here will let you know. I am supposed to be between 5.5 & 6.5 for coco. For some reason with this brand coco I used this time. I am closer to 7.0 all the time. Plants are doing good though. The ph is slowly dropping now that I am farther into flower. How tall are your plants. They look to be about a 16:tall in your picture there.

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They do look healthy, but with topping them, you’ve severely stunted their growth. They look to be well into flowering, but there’s not much flowering stretch.

This is my white widow x big bud auto at 35 days. No topping, but did a week of lst under a screen.

I love topping & fimming, but while those techniques can be done to autos, they’re best used on photoperiod plants. Autos just don’t have time to recover from high stress training.

Your girls are definitely healthy looking though. You will probably just have a smaller harvest than if you hadn’t topped. I just harvested mine; from the looks of it, I’m estimating 2.5oz+ dry weight.


@blackthumbbetty Is that one plant or 2 in your picture. My lights seem to bleach my leaves out even when they are kept higher up.

That’s one and 1/4 plants. Lol! I did have 5 others in with it. Which was probably 2 too many. :grinning:

By harvest, it was 3 ft tall & 2.5ft across. She started flowering at day 22 from germination, I think; I harvested at the end of 11wks from germination. She’s still drying.

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Cool , I am at 27" now and she should start to stretch any time. Damaging the branch will probably set me back about a week or 2 I am thinking. She is still growing good though. I think I was watching your grow. I haven’t got any notifications for it in a while. I will have to head over there and see :grin:

4 plants all together

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Nice!! Yeah I was thinking I will get one once or more on 3 of them but not sure about the little plant that is two weeks behind

I just raised my light 6 inches so they can stretch out a little

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I just realized that my led light was only 9 inches above my largest plant and the manufacturer recommends that the height be 12"-18" above the plants during flower stage so now its 16" above the big plant and 20" above the smallest one, I think that will be good for a while :slight_smile: They are growing so fast now! I couldn’t believe when I just saw that the small girl who is a week and a half behind the other 3 has now caught up with one of the plants lol, maybe my she is going to be big after all:)

Holy cow!! They are growing like crazy