Pics Gorilla Glue Just Started Flowering / First Time Growing

First of all I want to say thank you to Robert as these seeds have worked out very well and I am a bit curious how long before harvest. I look forward to another Gorilla Glue grow soon although this time I am going to go with the auto flower.



Looks like she is only a couple of weeks since you flipped her. I’d say 6 - 8 weeks to harvest, give or take a week.

Looks good.


Thanks!! I am looking forward to it.

If possible, it’s not a bad idea to invest in an LED illuminated loupe or a macro lens that clips to your phone camera (among other devices) to get close and personal on how the trichomes change during the harvest window. There are numerous articles out there (with photos) that illustrate what I’m suggesting better than I can in a comment. Some folks like to harvest near the beginning of the harvest window, some prefer to harvest in the middle, while others prefer to harvest toward the end. It’s a matter of personal preference depending on what effects you’re after.

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Thanks so much! I did buy a decent microscope and take a few pics although I am not a photographer lol
Thats interesting about different people for different effects. I am looking for the very best possible T.H.C.
Thanks for your feedback and always interested in learning new things.

You will love gorilla Glue . It is my favorite look this one

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Wow! That is very nice. I would be satisfied with 50% but I think I may do better than I originally thought.

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These are pics that I just took of my gorilla glue photo period plant’s Trichomes. They have now been in flower for 5 weeks. I would greatly appreciate any advice on how the Trichomes look to you guys. It seems like i have some cloudy and some amber.
Thanks in advance for the heads up and greatly appreciated!

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The first I❤GM plant i grew was gorilla glue and wow! Such a strong strain of smoke!!! Made me realise I preferred somthing a little less intense during the day. But for sleep, it was just amazing and to wind down as well!