Picking marijuana

A question from a fellow grower:

how many days after germination must pass mode tsaftene?and how much is the normal time of planting to picking:Jack Herer - Indoor, White Widow - Indoor

No matter what strain, it kinda depends on your personal preference, some people prefer all the trichomes milky white while others prefer the trichomes mostly amber. Most seem to settle on a 1/3rd to 1/2 of the trichomes to have turned amber. As a general rule, the more milky white — the more of a sativa (more cerebral) like high, and the more amber — more of an indica (more relaxing body and couch-lock) like high. Some people find without enough amber trichomes the high feels a little edgy and uncomfortable, mostly in sativa dominant plants. As to the hairs, they are only a rough guide, the trichome development will be at the above stated levels when the hairs are about 50% - 100% brown/reddish/orange, you should have a 40-60 times jeweler’s loupe or magnifyer so you can see your trichomes and have a more accurate way to tell. They will start out looking perfectly clear, like a little crystal mushroom forest, then they will gradually become more and more milky white with some starting to just barely turn amber, this is when most people would probably harvest, especially with indica dominant plants.

Generally; 12 -16 weeks; Or, longer for Sativa. Depends on whether you are indoors or outdoors. Finish time is preportiante to how long you keep planys in vegetative state.