Phyllos Pilgrim Voyage, plus Runtz & Granddaddy Purp

It’s my first grow. I am using Coco mix in 10 gal bags, with one Runtz, two Grandaddy Purp, one Pineapple Donut, and two Cheddar Cheese. HLG Blackbird (now at 100%) in 4x4 tent with 2 CO2 bags and VPD target of 1.4.

Day 35 since switching to 12/12

One GDP phenotype well advanced, both plants relatively compact in stature–all of my plants are actually, I believe as I did not have a large variance between day/night temps during the stretch nor during veg;

Runtz pheno is very compact/bushy with (after bot topping and LST as well as scrogging) tons of main colas, all of them smaller in size than the other strains but far more numerous, each with small leaves of hybrid look, coloring red and purple in a beautiful way; also, this strain appears to be the one lagging behind all the others in its development;

Cheddar Cheese seems to be the disappointment in terms of plant size and yield; I did find it was smaller in stature than the others after veg, though I did veg for almost five weeks–still, in comparison to the substantial lateral colas displayed by the other strains, overall I wish it could be better;

Pineapple Donut–this lady is literally exploding and its colas are dense and flowering between the odes in a big way.

How am I looking? Any tips?


Welcome to the Forum. That GDP is looking awesome…one of my favorite strains. No tips…just kudos on a nice grow.

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Thanks so much! I always thought I didn’t have a green thumb!

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Holy crap this is gorgeous. Reposting the glory of what you have grown.

Can we be friends?


That would be awesome!

Welcome aboard! Heckuva first post! Tips? Uuuuhh, no. No tips. Just keep doing what you’re doing. Stay Lit!!!


Welcome to the Grow Fam, looking excellent Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:

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