Photos of plants at different stages of development?

Anywhere that would have photos of cannabis at different points throughout its life cycle? Trying to get a benchmark so i know roughly what to expect and to compare progress



Many journals here with weekly updates, personally I wouldn’t compare your plants to others. You can germ 10 seeds from the same batch and have 10 plants of different sizes and some even colorful. Look at it like kids in the same family, not all are the same size or look the same :love_you_gesture:


This one is pretty good
OG has a good point. All are different. The journal below seems like an average grow but it doesnt mean yours should look exactly the same.


Thanks all

I am fixing to start my journey in the next couple of weeks. You are more than welcome to follow along. Let me know and I will tag you. @Edmond-Dantes

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Yes, please do. Thanks!

Go check it out. @Edmond-Dantes

I highly recommend taking a look at numerous journals, every pant grows a bit different. But it’s good to know what to look for. Great idea!
Get Growin!

Honestly each strain is different. Each phenotype is different. Every plant will be different. I’ve grow 3 of the same strain and not one of those plants were the same. Not even close. Yes same temp, humidity, light schedule. Coco, mutes. Everything was the exact same. It’s crazy to me! Falling more and more in love with this plant!

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