Photoperiod early flower - what to do?

rookie on his 2nd grow here, i grew pineapple punch last year all organic outdoor in southeast texas (very hot and humid) and got 1.5 lbs from one plant, i made a lot of friends and family very happy for christmas!!! :slight_smile:

so i started some auto and photoperiod back in march under lights on a 16/8 schedule, after about 2 weeks i moved them all outside since this is an outdoor grow, and all of the plants flowered - the autos are booming like they should. the autos are gorilla glue, the pp are a kush cbd, i guess they flowered early because i changed the light cycle? their buds are definitely smaller and not growing as fast as the autos, but still bigger than i expected after a month, i thought they would wither away or something. . i did the same thing last year with the pineapple punch and did not have this happen.

i was told when i first posted this that they flowered because i moved them outside, and that they would go back in to vegetative phase, dont really see that yet, they are the same size as the autos.

so should i snip all the buds off, and let it focus its energy back on veg? right now they are still in pots, 3.5 gallon to 15 gallon, plan on transplanting into the ground as soon as i harvest onions this weekend and have the space…

btw the seeds were all purchased from ILGM

They won’t re-veg until we have more light hours probably more at the end of May early June. You started a bit to early this year. You can snip the buds if you want to but it won’t help re-veg until you get the correct light hours

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thanks for your help! but will the buds mature? should i snip them and dry them, or let them go until the trichomes get cloudy/amber, or just trash them?

I believe that @MrPeat grows straight 12/12 and produces monstrous buds. Check him out.

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I grow 12/12 start to finish. They didn’t bud because you had them outside. They flowered because of how much light it gets daily.

Here is an example of my current grow. They are the same strain. They from the same seed pack which these seeds is probably not from the same plant. I say this because I am 99.9% sure they mix them all together and ship them out.

They get the same water. Same amount of light. Blah blah blah.

This is a perfect example in how Genetics work.

Hard to belive the difference between the two. I will not pull a plant just because its a runt.

But do not cut the buds. Let her do her thing. Harvest as the flowers mature. I rescued a plant for a buddy and the local drug addicts stripped his plant. I managed to bring it back for a total of 1oz dried, cured and no stems. :+1::+1::+1:

The work I do.


thanks so much for your input. lots to learn here, and i guess different strains act differently because starting with 8 plants last year doing it the same way this did not happen. not even close. my final plant (i only have space and safety for one) veged until mid august when the first flowers appeared.