Phosphorus toxicity?

I am growing a Gorilla Glie Autoflower indoor in soil using Foxfarm nutrients, very sparingly on any auto I do.
The other day I was giving nutes to my photoperiod plants(about 4-5 days ago) which are currently transitioning into flowering. Had the tiger bloom, grow big and big bloom all in one for my photos. Had a little left over so I figured it wouldn’t hurt to dilute it a bit and throw in my newly flowering GG auto…
I think I FU#$%D up… To me it seems to be exhibiting signs of phosphorus toxicity… Any recommendations other than flushing? which I’ve now done twice… just wondering if anyone has a run in with something similar and what would be my best course of action… im more worried about the skinny sickly leaves up top near the bud sites as it’s beginning to flower… dont want to cut my yields in half… Any feedback is much appreciated :+1:


Almost looks like a calcium deficiency or magnesium maybe. @Covertgrower @Nicky can pin point whats going on here better. I would try like 5ml of cal mag and see what it does with a gallon of water. Justblooks as if its lacking one or the other. @Hellraiser @Not2SureYet any ideas fellas ??


Not seeing where the issue is, the lime green growth is rapid growth, and it’s normal to lose a few fan leaves especially on the bottom. If you’ve been feeding properly, then I think all is okay.


I gotta say, I love reading along the threads and learning new stuff from all the fine people on this forum! I know this is off topic, but wanted to toss this out! Thanks! :wink:


Are you kidding; this is accelerated Masters program up in here! Love it and appreciate it. :+1:

If all things were good before hand, you should be fine. Plants are very resilient.
You mis-fed…then you flushed. You did the right thing.
They look over watered now, no biggie. Go back to normal feeding after they dry up a bit.
You’ve got plenty of leaves, cut those bottom yellow ones off. They’re fired!
Go back to your routine and it will be back on track.

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Thanks fellas!! Appreciate the feedback, ik its prob more me overreacting but you all know the feeling… this is really a first for me feeding autos so I wanted to make sure I was staying within the limitations. ima see how she responds to the flush then give her a small dose a goodies. ik autos don’t bounce back as well as photos but im optimistic. let yall know in a few days how things are looking :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

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