Phoenix Grow, From the ashes...... more DWC

The new identical thread following on from my first thread… Kettle's 1st proper indoor grow, DWC

So, had a few issues with my first indoor grow. ill list them as we go on but this is just a few photos to let you know I’m on my way… just in a round about way, late again… but the clones are in… no media… seeds next to try just the pots take me so long to make… and im back to the big smoke for five days… sooooooooo nice to have veg and flowering seperated…

I just want to thank everyone who helped along the way, and for hanging out and kind words- legends
@PurpNGold74, @peachfuzz, @Grandaddy013, @Gremmall, @Chasworks, @Rayofsunshine, and can you tag anyone in who I have forgotten. im still getting use to how all this works. Onwards and upwards my friends and plants… Kettle


Here and set to watching. Let The cycle of Reincarnation Commence!


Watching. It’s going to be EPIC


You will see I fudged up the setout of the holes and that doesn’t bug the shit out of me at all. I missed all that plumbing below and just a measure mistake…

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Sorry for your mum too bud, here’s to living as well as we can… speaking of witch how are the lung busters treating you?


U know i still dont speak hydro. Just here to cheer u on, moral support, drool over eventual budporn. :joy::nerd_face::+1:t5:


I know, but sometime just some to lend an ear at 3am our time is very helpful…

Anytime bro. Anytime. Cant wait for VR to caught up and smoke a few J’s with u potheads while we debate the meaning of life and why hot pockets keep inflating in price…


look third picture down the holes don’t line up… has absolutely no impact on how it works… but its… annoying. I was thinking today how you wonder how contractors get stuff perfect all the time… if it was a clients house id have 4 spare so I can fuck up all I want.

Hot pockets… lol… we don’t have those…

Haven’t smoked a cigarette in 10 days


Why did i just put mine out when i read that. :muscle:t5::muscle:t5::muscle:t5: Inspiration man.

And WAIT WHAT?!?! Yall dont have Hot Pockets?!?! What kind of life is that???

Also yea id keep spare replacements of everything. Hell i do it with MY :poop:


Just always remember buddy they do nothing for you… even if you crash your car and just think ill just have one, it will relax you then but bring on the anxiety in a couple of hours… you have weed… my ease of quitting was aided by my quitting drinking made me think I should try non addictive DMT, not promoting this but it changed me a bit… the aliens took me to the machine room of my health and showed me I needed to get healthier… that is something else… anyway buddy everyday your doing better…

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That’s an awesome setup @kettle. I enjoyed your other thread and I’m sure I will this one too. I hope you KILL it lol. And about smoking cigarettes, if I’m EVER in Walmart and I hear a man say “oh I’m in the tobacco business”, that MF is getting dived on. Tobacco almost killed me twice. It’s no good at all for you. They’re expensive and they’re poison. If you know nothing else about them THOSE TWO THINGS ARE ENOUGH. Ok I’m done screaming lol.


Set to watch.


Hey @Gremmall, thanks … its going to be the same I just thought id leave that there and start a fresh… just vacuumed out the flower room pots and added bleach and vinegar… by the time you see it again it will look a bit different… im so proud of everyone who quits the devil sticks…

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OK…I’ll be watching too!

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Gday everyone, I know its been a while but you know how it goes.

and ive been hiding as the clones weren’t going well, you know when you feel like your cursed, and you just don’t want to share… the ph always creeps to mid 7’s, I think its from leaving too much woody trunk on… or the glue used in electrical tape (blocking the holes that im not using) washed off and is basic… no tape now… I just hope its not leaching out of the rubber bristles I cut in the pots…

any how all good, just been leaving them in there with the riziotonic, rooting hormone, and uc roots. and just leaving them alone… they look like shit, but that’s ok because they are rooting.

I don’t need all of them but one that I thought hadn’t rooted I tried to push lower to help with a better cloning location, and um… they have rooted…


i also have 13 started in with our veggie garden plants. (missus obviously, im never that neat and organised.) they will be started inside and transferred outside, bit more at home there organic mostly, but challenges none the less. they are all non feminised.


i probably shouldn’t have culled the plants, I now think I could have taken my time and probably solved the issue, but im looking forwards to starting new, well same system, but im decked up on insulation.

prob have a small dwc in the cupboard next to the cloning thing in the next couple of days…

pots are going well… Im trying seeds straight in the pots next and then in the cloning system.

hope all you legends are well,



:beers: my dude. Ull get em back on track soon. N nice roots there! Those are clones of the original vict… plants right?

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hey @PurpNGold74, yeah man they ar the original Dr Kippling inc bulk, hehe. poor things… ill add some nutes today…