PH to high in my coco ( runoff )

Yes my bad, i wrote down the RH from light level, i just put a hygrometer ag canopy level and it reads 67%.
Im using a dehu to get it down so i could stil raise it a bit.
Thank you


Would these things lower thr PH ?

Worm castings are entirely the problem IF nothing else is present. Top-dressing dolomitic lime is probably the best thing besides transplanting into cannabis-optimized soil.

There are people that grow successfully in Miracle Gro too but a new grower should NEVER use MG. Same for soil; don’t build anything that you can’t get commercially already (like FFOF or Roots Organics etc). I’m an experienced grower and I would never commit to growing cannabis in that mix. It’s just asking for trouble.


This :point_up_2:t6:
I mix my jacks (5min), pour till it runs out (2min). Remove run off (5 min) and then watch Gilligans Island all day. No longer check pH as its always the same 5.8 every time.


I dont think i mentioned that before but i also ad mycorhizae with every transplant and i use the full line from Remo nutrients.

So just leave the wormcastings out for the next transplant? Maybe 70%coco and 30%perlite ?
I like coco because its really hard to over water.



After one day the coco is still really wet, can i still water?

Mary Ann, Ginger or OH NO Lovey?
Old habits are hard to break. I’ll still check runoff. Probably more often than I need to. Jack’s & coco - pH is 5.8 - 5.9. ppm is more interesting. Usually in 1400 - 1600 range. Will spike to 2000 occasionally.

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What do you think about that, i also just read that dolomite lime is usually used to raise the PH is that true ?

Yes: coco/perlite is soilless and you have to provide all supplements. Coco does need to remain damp to wet. I have gone a couple of days between waterings when the plant is too small to uptake all of the water in the pot daily. If growing photoperiod I’d recommend potting up a couple of times to avoid overwatering anyway. Autos, not so much.


I don’t really know what your definition of really wet is, but yes I feed daily without checking how wet my pots are in coco. I would say it’s noticeably dryer after 24 hours though. Are you feeding around the time lights come on?


Its more moist not really wet, no matter how much i water it never gets as soaking wet as soil.
I try to water when the lights turn on but its not always possible. (Due to working shifts)

work outside the home is a great reason NOT to use a highly interactive grow medium such as Coir. It’s a great way to grow as others mention above for maximum control but to maintain that control demands consistent daily attention.


You definitely don’t want to allow it to dry out completely. Coco will become hydrophobic if you do. The easiest way for most to deal with is have lights come on at a time you are typically around. I usually have mine come on 9-10pm specifically for this reason.


There are any number of automatic watering systems out there for not much $$. Blumat is one IIRC.


Thanks i will do that when switching to flower, did not think about that when starting the grow… :smile:

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Is there any runoff with these systems ? People usually tell me to water with runoff in coco.

I didn’t water to runoff the last few grows: autopots. There’s another way to make things easy and there’s any number of growers with journals on them. I can go 5 days without touching anything for 3 plants with the reservoir supplied.

If you use Jack’s and either top-feed on a timer (blumat) or bottom-feed like with autopots, the need to water to runoff goes away.

Do some research: search this forum and read some journals.


Good point. If you have the budget auto watering could be a solution. Given the experience level of the grower, not checking the plants for days at a time might not be conducive to catching a potential issue early. A more experienced grower could probably relax with auto watering and treat them like a houseplant.


I do this by setting the 1 gallon fabric pot into a 5 gallon fabric pot. The roots grow right through the felt and you don’t have to mess with removing the root ball from the smaller pot.
You can see the original was set about 2 inches into the larger container which I removed for the photo. Massive roots grew right through the first pot and the plant thrived.