An expert required please

Can someone tell me what is happening here?
Skunk Photo
2x2 tent
About 3 weeks old
Feeding with Cal Mag and roots nutes
PH5.8 in 5.9 out
150w light

Starting to brown

2 days later.
Is my light to strong? Is it asking for nutrients?

If that is soil you are growing in the ph is too low, shoot for 6.4 or 6.5


It’s also time for a transplant. Suggest getting control of runoff pH and PPM when transplanted. Most likely pH and PPM problems.


Growing in Coco Perlite

Run off is .3 EC.

What is roots nutes?

First thought was overwatering. However, this is hard to do in coco & perlite unless the pot restricts or limits runoff.
Agree it is time to uppot. I dislike hard sided pots. They restrict roots, limits oxygen at roots. poor drainage etc.
.3 EC is basically nothing. My tap water has more in it than that.
Transplant her to a fabric pot, clean up the dead and dying leaves, plant her a little lower and feed her around 500 - 600 ppm (1.0 - 1.2 EC).
Check your nutrients for Ca Mg content.



Yep cleaned her up yesterday. Will repot tonight. I have started nutes program. Feeding at 0.8 EC. Hoping new growth is good to go. Drainage is not a problem with this pot


I am not familiar with Kraken Roots Plus so had to look it up. Unfortunately the sites I found (loganhydro) didn’t tell me much. I take it you are in Australia???
Does the label indicate N-P-K? At this point I’m thinking your plant is starving if this is all it is being fed.


Yeah im fingers crossed its lack of nutes. Its my second indoor grow so not really with it on what to feed seedlings. I had just been feeding root boost and calmag.
Yesterday i cleaned her up and started a nutes program. Im hoping new growth will be good to go

I think the comment about the pot was in reference to the root system in hard containers. When the roots get to the edge they begin to circle like this…

The resulting root system now no longer works well and the plant begins to suffer. Drainage is ok, but not the roots. That’s the benefit of fabric containers. The root gets to the edge and the air it encounters prunes it and it stops growing and sends out side shoots filling the media better.
Roots look like this in fabric…


Yep point taken. Will check tonight

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All good info above.

Get this into something like 2 or 3 gallon fabric pot. Make sure your coco is washed and buffered then complete transplant. I would also just get a complete base nutrient system with schedule available. You’re likely providing too much calmag in relationship to other elements.


I buffer coco once with calmag, then a second time with nutes and calmag. Before putting the germinated seed in I add 1/4 strength nute solution until the runoff is around 400-500 EC. First week seedling just gets 60ml or so of plain water. Week two water with 1/4 strength nutes. EC of nute solution goes up every watering until feeding at full strength.

Water with a solo cup over seedling as long as they’ll fit. After the first week water to 10-20% runoff. Pretty much how Dr. Coco says do it with the exception of adding nutes for the second buffering and using the solo cup. Those tips come from excellent growers on this forum.


Well i have transplanted. Fingers crossed

Quite a few roots there!

New home

New growth has a bit of brown. Now that we have had a reset hopefully will not progress any further


Hi i grow in coco coir and i ph my water at 5.9-6.3 and in veg i had a ppm of 1100 and in flower it was around 1600-2000 but i was watering twice a day at 1.5 ltrs each time. And this how my plants have turned out

And once you have fixed the problem with ur plant it could look like this or better .i must explain i was watering twice at 1.5 ltrs each time i watered in veg when the plant was bigger ,but in seedling growth it was half a ltr twice a day

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Your ideal TDS with a balanced nutrient line should be more like 1.8 EC at PH 5.8. Keep medium damp until the canopy matches the diameter of the pot then start watering/feeding to runoff.


@Aussie_autos @Myfriendis410
Thanks for your replies. Here is my last grow. TBH i was a little scared having EC above 1.2 as i never saw a decline in the run off and thought i was heading for nute lockout.

Photo Skunk. Just over 1/2lb yield after drying. 2.5x2.5 tent


A bit of an update since my seedling was having a bit of a cry. I after repotting and getting a better understanding on watering and nutrients here are some pics of where i am at now