Ph test question

I just got my PH meter in the mail and am assuming it is already calibrated. I watered my plants about 2 days ago and they do not need to be watered as of right now but I need to correct my PH problems. Would I harm my plant if I ran water through with the correct PH to fix this problem? I’m not really sure how to go about this without harming my ladies. All the help is greatly appreciated.


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Test the meter on a known pH, to be sure, a few tenths here and there may matter.

Thanks for the reply. That helps with making sure my meter is calibrated correctly but I want to know if I should wait to correct the ph when my plants need to be watered or if I can do it now without harming them?


How far off is your soil’s pH?

If it’s seriously off, fix it with a pH flush…water with 2-3 times normal amount till water coming out is close to 6.5.

Okay. And is that safe to do still if my grow medium is still wet from the last watering? And I’m not sure I just got the ph meter so I didn’t want to run a bunch of water through until I knew it wouldn’t put a lot of stress on the plants. The ph in the soil is unknown as of right now. But the water that I have been watering it with is at 8.6. So I was going to water it with 6.5 and then test the runoff and go from there from the next watering. Is that a good approach?

Ok…probably the water pH doing the damage, not the soil.

Wait till the next watering, use the pH 6.5 water, and test the water that drains out.

Okay I’ll do that I should water in the next 3 days maybe. I’ll be posting when I do.:upside_down_face:

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