Ph Shock,How to rectify? Please help!

I have 4x O.G Kush hand watered in Coco at day 42 in flower in a 4x4 tent.
10 days ago I had to change brands of flower nutrients and was told that I need to adjust my Ph to around 5.6, so I did, brought all the needs and changed ph that day
I went from ph of 6.4 to 5.6 and have shocked the hell out my gals. Ph burned leaves, wilting, even found 1 had turned hermie (pulled flowers off, hopefully not pollinated everything in my tent) everything you don’t want 3 weeks out from pulling.
Any help and info REALLY appreciated.

rectify ph by simply watering with proper ph and in coco ph should be 5.8 not 6.4

@Donaldj I was watering them them in 6.4 all the way through vege and 30+ days into flower, but when told to adjust the pH level I adjusted it immediately and I think the drop from 6.4 to 5.6 has burned or shocked them.
a lot of the leaves are wilting and quite a few with pH burn signs, browning leaves…
Is there anything to reverse the damage I have done?

Damage rarely can be reversed but new growth isn’t effected so the plant replaces damaged with new

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Suggestions? pH???
It all started because the shop didn’t have the brand of nutrient I’d been using, so instead of spending $25 I spent $50 on nutes, $30 on pH up and down and $75 on a pH pen that no longer works so I’ve resorted to aquarium drop test kit, not exactly accurate!! So the shop keeper made a heap more sales, and gave me bad advise, grr, I’m really worried my girls wont make it the 2 1/2 (ish) weeks until harvest.

if you are that close they will make it and meters need to be stored with tips kept wet

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Coco is just like hydro ph range is between 5.5-6.2 but best kept at 5.8 for future reference