PH question. Need advice

Growing a Bruce Banner autoflowers in a mixture of organic soil (not miracle grow) peat moss and vermiculite. Water with fox farm tiger bloom mixed with water (1/2 to full strength). Ph of water going in is 6.5. Started to have some leave discoloration. Found it could be a ph issue or nitrogen issue (ph related). I checked the runoff and it is between 7.7 & 7.9. I flushed with water below 5.8 ph and got the runoff down to 6.8. In the future should I be watering with ph lower than 6.5 to keep my runoff from being too high? I use untreated/unfiltered well water which has a high ph (close to 8) and use ph down to adjust.


If you stick with soil I’d water till run off with RO before you plant and see the values of your medium. Flush accordingly and ph accordingly going forward.


It does lean towards a PH issue. Do you have a meter to measure runoff? Autos are very finicky about nutes. I would start with about 1/4 strength of nutes. Check your PH after you add your nutes. Also you might want to add a little cal/ mag to your schedule. A little goes alot with autos. Is there anyway you can filter your water? Maybe fillnup a couple of buckets and let it sit out for 24 hours? Edited ( im stoned, forgive me or join me ) but just realized you answered one of my questions.


:point_up_2: you should be feeding Grow big as well, she’s hungry for nitrogen :love_you_gesture:


Big Bloom too, as it contains the micronutrients your plant needs. Are you also using cal/mag? Calcium and magnesium are not included in the FF Trio.