PH Meters best meter for low cost

Can someone tell me the best PH meter for around 30 bucks

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Yes but get the one with screw driver in it is the best so far the pancellent is life time and 130 day. Replacement 30 day money back guarantee and comes with ppm and ph

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If you can come up another 20, this will have you set for good. Best bang for the buck.


Yea it’s always good to buy better I had to buy two to find out but I got a new set coming because they didn’t work or I broke it :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_monocle: you can get it cheaper but your choice I say go with that one

I would go with the apera . I purchased a couple Amazon cheapies that no longer work because I dropped them in water. Lastly I went with apera…it’s waterproof and i love it. Worth the money for sure.


I have apera too. Worth extra $20 in my opinion.


The glass ball on the end of every meter i have owned has broken, no matter how much i spent for the meter. I burned thru so many expensive meters that i gave up now i use the cheapest ones; paid $26 for 4 cheap ph meters that match just fine to the test solution

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@bryan the Apera PH 60 has replaceable probes.

I second the Apera PH20.

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I bought the apera ph60 after breaking the bulb in my ph20. Both are great meters.

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I really like my Apera PH20 especially if you are on a tight budget

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This is the one. A lot of us bought the cheap ones on amazon only to go to test the ph & nada. These babies are great

I got lucky with my cheapo. I was starting to not trust it due to it being cheap but was surprised at its accuracy. I was having to calibrate every week which was monotonous.


This one is a little more than $30, but it says you can use it constantly and it’s a 6 in 1 device. Lot bang for $95.

I think you could get the cheapest meter but store it in the correct solution 3M KCl