Ph in soil run off to high need help to adjust

I am growing out door in 5gal pail w/holes crystal photo run off ph 7.2-7.4 I just put 3-1/2 gallons 5.4 rain water thru and run off is 7.2-7.4 I feed plants fox farm cal-mag once every week . I have ph down but have not used because water is 5.4 ph I don’t know what to do plants are 47 days old and look pretty good ???

Are you sure your meter is correct?

I have a digital and calibrated last week

My soil run off water is 7.2-7.4 and I’m flushing with 5.4 and it’s doesn’t seem to be doing anything

I’m trying to lower ph

Sorry, I misread that. Are you actually flushing or just watering? A flush would entail using 3x as much water as the size of your pot, pouring it in in batches over about a 15-30min period.

Also, is this the first time you’ve checked your run-off? Do you adjust pH after adding nutes to your water? Besides cal-mag, what are you using? What kind of grow medium are you using? Is the plant near any rocks or weird soil outside that it could be absorbing anything up from the ground?

I am growing in organic soil mix for raised beds only additives are worm castings bat guano chicken droppings. I use fox farm grow big and big bloom and I also use calmag this is the second run off check both 7.2-7.4 I add nutes to water then check ph never adj. because around 6.0 the soil outside container is sand. I’ve only added 3-1/2 gallons but saw no change

Add 15 gallons to do a proper flush.

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Suggest you do a commercial flush additive…then plain water for two days.
See if ph drops. If not, might have to change media. Or at least add plain media to dilute the existing media.

He means use Florakleen, Sledgehammer, or something similar. I use Florakleen, myself. Works well for major flushes.

I’ve put 14 gallons of water threw and went from 7.4 to 7.2 so I’m going to get sledgehammer or something

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Try getting some lab grade pH solution to check your meter. A calibration is no better
than the solution.