Pesty pest leaf eaters

I found this hidden underneath the leaves does anyone know what this is and is my pest problem going to over since I found only one or is this something I have to have concerns


Some type of beetle. If only one, I wouldn’t worry about it.

Send an email with photo to this lady:

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Today I found a different plant they had 1 leaf with the same eating thanks man

That is a cucumber beetle

How do u kill them and I have Captain jacks will that work

Thank you will Captain Jack’s cover that

I sent her a e mail but she asking where I’m at and what are you growing n I don’t feel comfortable is she 420 friendly

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Yes I believe it will . This is a pic of a cucumber beetle

Yes that’s it thanks for ur time

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Bummer, no inquisition from her when I asked…

Thanks for trying

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My pleasure