Pests? Please help me lol

Can someone let me know what this is and how to treat it? These are all clones and all look well till flowering then this happens.

Looks like a sap sucker type of insect damage. Hard to say how to treat without knowing the species. Azamax covers a decent amount. Do you see bugs when you scope the underside of the leaves?

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Looks like mite damage.

Found this:

There are different types of mites that can infest cannabis plants, such as broad mites and spider mites. Here are some tips for treating spider mites on cannabis plants:

  1. Wash down your plants: Use a strong jet of water to wash down your plants early in the morning. This will help to blast the mites off foliage 12.
  2. Lower water pH: Lowering the pH of your water to about 3-4 by adding nitric acid, phosphoric acid, citric acid, or vinegar can increase the effectiveness of washing down your plants 1.
  3. Use contact pesticide spray: Opt for a contact pesticide spray like insecticidal soap to directly hit the pests and their eggs with the spray 1.
  4. Make your own insecticidal mite spray: If you’re a DIYer, you can make up your own insecticidal mite spray using water and garlic 3.

For broad mites, the following tips may be helpful:

  1. Identify the infestation: Broad mites are difficult to detect with the naked eye, and a minimum of a 60x magnifying glass is required for correct identification 1.
  2. Prevent infestation: Limit visitors and staff, regularly clean tools with disinfectant when moving between plants and crop areas, and avoid using clones or cuttings from other plants 1.
  3. Treatment: Spray leaves, especially undersides, with a jet of cold water to blast the mites off foliage. For increased effectiveness, lower water pH to 3-4 (think acid rain) by adding nitric acid, phosphoric acid, citric acid or vinegar. Employing biological controls, such as predatory insects, to help manage spider mite populations. Using selective and targeted treatments, including organic insecticides, essential oils, or horticultural oils, to control infestations 14.

I hope this helps!

Many possibilities. Mites typically show white spots and I have had them but when I looked up Black spots, I came up with a fungus infection that can be attributed to pests, but can also occur without a pest. It could also be pest poop. Do you see any indication of bugs? They like to hide under the leaves against the main vein.
Here is what I found when I realized I had mites.

but all my spots were white…Hope you find out the culprit, I will be watching.


Yes, thrips & mites make white spots on the tops of leaves. Thrips and aphids leave black dots from sap and poop. Doesn’t really look like leaf Septoria, much. The dots are very small and uniform.

Edit: All above are solved by Safer 3-in-1


Wish I was smarter. I can actually see bugs on your leaves. If I was smarter, I could steal your pic, circle the bad guys and repost. Look at the top pic and zoom in.
Center blade left from bottom…come up 3 serrated edges and you will see 2 small brownish spots. Those are bugs. Maybe thrips?? I see wings on one for sure.

Just counted 13 bugs on the 2nd pic.

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I circled some fur ya

Looks like aphids


Dude!!! UDAMAN!!! Thank you smart guy. We all need a few smart guys around us.


Not if you can see em with the naked eye. They’re tiny.


Did not see it for a sec. Same color as the vein. So aphids it is for the win.


Thank you all so much! So i did yurn them over and there was a few little white things that did move! Are those mites?

:laughing: what ever they are, neem oil can help get rid of them. Leaves only, not the flower.

Ive been doing neem oil…

Last tip using the neem, do it at lights out, and hopefully you get em before flower as neem during flower is not a good thing. Capt Jacks Dead Bug is safe to use during flower if you still have the issue when you flip.

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I have never had success using jacks ded bug on aphids. Have seen some results with neem but not good. For aphids i order ladybugs and turn them loose on the plants and overnight the aphids are mostly gone within a few days no aphids and they dont harm the plants or the house. Very cheap fix.

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Azamax or Safer 3-in-1 for aphids. I like to hit them with the Safer first to decimate them. Then hit them with Azamax 5 days later to disrupt their feeding and life cycle. Repeat Azamax on 5-7 day cycles till completely gone.

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