Pest problem in flowering

I am facing some pest problems and i am in 4 th week of flowering, can someone please offer me good advice about how to combat pests, i am using yellow sticky traps and diatomaceous earth also, i am also seeing that some plants are growing fatty buds but some are growing not so dense buds, can someone please advice on that

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They don’t tend to start filling out until the 5th or 6th week of flowering.

Capt. Jack’s Deadbug is effective and safe. Don’t use Neem oil since you are in flowering, though Neem oil is perfectly fine in veg.


Absolutely. Solid advice here.

That one bug i see looks like some kinda fruit fly ir fungus gnat, if they get out of control they can do some damage to the roots.
That is their larva damage the roots by eating them.
They can be a pain in the but if they get infested, they can and will spread to every plant you got even house plants or basically anywhere that stays wet, even under a sink or around the bathroom if any moisture it presents…

I hate those things with a passion! :sweat_smile:
Don’t ask me why :sweat:

But this is only thing i found that actually got completely rid of them and we had them bad.
We got a small rain forest of tropicals and they was in every thing :flushed:
We lost some exotic ferns from them :pensive:

I now add some to my coco-coir from the start and at first site of one I would soak some in my nutrient solution for 30mins or so, strain it off and give it to my plants.
It only kills the larva but it does a very good job at it :blush: but there will still be flys for a generation or so but once the flys die, no more should hatch.
Took us about 3 weeks im guessing to clear the house of them …