Pest in greenhouse

Hello my name Karen and I’m currently growing Blueberry Autoflower outdoors in a greenhouse. I’ve had issues with fungus gnats, but now I have some kind of fly in my greenhouse eating my leaves on one of my plants. I thought it was a crane fly, but I’m not sure what it is. Please help?

Can’t help myself, but I’ll tag some folks that grow in greenhouses and outdoors that may be able to help. @Cannabian @Happilyretired @Chemzdead

Not sure what that bug is from that picture. Don’t have enough information to guess on that one but as far as the predation on your plants pretty much across-the-board Captain Jack’s will take care of it. And it is considered organic. You can also use Azamax if you are not in flower. You might not even see the bug doing that little bit of damage but it could be laying eggs somewhere so you should treat with something sooner then later…:+1::v:

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Ok thank you.

Like…whatever that bug is is foreign to me? Dont have that here. If you plants are large, generally, they can withstand light to moderare insect activity. I find the worst insect here is caterpillars for sure! They ruin more colas! The damage doesnt even show up until the buds are close! Then BAM! Brown hairy and grey mold! I lost 3 killer colas… well not the whole cola but ya know :crazy_face: chop a be section out of a donkey dink and it sucks!

I live in Southern California and I have never seen a bug like this. It when I remove my plant it was like it was following the plant. Idk. I’ve been giving my plant SNS 209 to help kill the fungus gnats but maybe this bug eating them idk