Perpetual Harvest Setup

I am setting up for a 3 tent perpetual harvest system. I’ll be using auto flower plants.
So here’s the setup
Tent 1 seedling through vegetative 4x4x7’11" Gorilla grow tent, 480 watt Spider farmer LED light, ACInfinity t8 inline fan and carbon filter one 6" oscillating fan.
Tent 2 flowering 9x5 Goliath grow tent, 2 Spider Farmer 860 watt g8600 LED lights, ACInfinity T8 Inline fan with carbon filter 4 6 inch oscillating fans.
Tent 3 Drying 3x3 acinfinity tent
ACInfinity T4 inline fan and carbon filter.
I would appreciate it if you guys and gals would critique the setup and let me know if there is anything else I should have.
I will be using 5 gallon fabric pots with a 70 20 10 coco perlite and vermiculite
medium. 2 and exhale co2 bags in the flowering tent.
That pretty well sums it all up


Sounds pretty sweet. I’d probably ixnay on the exhale bags and put that money towards something else. They have a reputation for not being worth the cost. Is a 3x3 big enough to dry all the bud you’ll be churning out? I hang big sections of plants to dry so it seems a little small compared to what you can grow in a 9x5. If you’re gonna use racks and dry just buds then disregard that question.


I have a 4 tent perpetual grow.

I love the growing and smoking, but really hate the trimming hell so I have it set up where I harvest 1-2 plants each month.

I have a 3x3 for seedlings and vegging.
I have a 3x3 for flowering one large plant.
I have a 2x4 for flowering 1-2 smaller plants,
And a 4x4 for flowering 2 plants using plenty of wattage along with both uva and uvb.

I start 1 or 2 plants each month and have it timed that the plants are about 6-7 weeks old when flowering tent opens up. I use AutoPots with coco and perlite mix because I’m away from my flowering plants Monday through Friday and need a reliable system to keep the plants happy.

Weekends are always busy trimming, pruning, filtering water and filling up reservoirs for the following week.


I use a 4 tent system which works awsome until a recent spidermite invasion which i think may be resolved. All of my tents/ rooms are automatically watered and any waste is pumped out to drums which we apply to the garden outside. Setup is a clone nursery where clones are developed then transplant into solo cups and put in 2x5 tent for this i use 6 clones when roots develope i put into 3 gallon all coco seemed a waste of energy to me to add anything to the coco with no measurable gain for the extra cost and effort. When the plants in 3 gallons reach my net i top them and use for clones as well as a few extras, these go into the cloner and a week later i flip the lights to flower. When the clones root ( usually 14 days ) i take these and put insolo and into the 4x4 and the process starts over into the 4x8 tent and then the 6x8 room. Growing godfather og ( was memberberry ) it seems every 4 or 5 weeks once this rotation is established i get a harvest. So far has worked awsome. In the 2x5 hlg 350r, in4x4 1 hlg 600r in 4x8 2 hlg600r and in6x8 2 1000w metal halide for veg period/hps for flower time all of these draw air that is cooled by a 2ton ac system i put humidifiers in during veg to keep the vpd in the zone and keep lights in the zone for dli. 1000 ways to do it this is mine. Addind co2 on less than a professional setup with intense lighting and feed does not give dood returns.