Advice on setting up Perpetual harvest

So In my grow room i have two grow tents. One 2x4 with 300 watt mars hydro led and a 5x5 with a 800 watt mars hydro led. At the moment i am using both tents to grow a total of 6 plants however after this harvest I want it up to be a more of a perpetual harvest situation. I have closet room to do cloning propagation and seed germinating along with the two grow tents(yay for spare bedrooms). What i am trying to figure out is how many plants should i put in the 2x4 and what size pots should i use? I am going to just switch to coco/ perlite 70/30 mix for everything. I was thinking vegging in 2 gallon and transplanting to 3-5 gallon. I was thinking of going towards the smaller end cause ideally i would like to cut my veg times and eventually put in drip irrigation for both flowering and vegging tent. This will be fun project and I would love to get some old timers thoughts on the matter. Anyone have any advice? Specifically with pot size and plant counts as this is what I am actively deliberating on. Instead of doing 4 plants in 5 gallon bags as I have been doing i was thinking of 8 plants in 3 gallon like after being transplanted from the 2 gallon in veg. Also If anyone knows anything about setting up irrigation specifically in a situation where theres a separate veg and flower room like there will be in my case. As always much appreciated!

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I would look into hellraisers grow. Me personally on my 5x5 i wont grow more than 3 at a time in 3-5 gallon pots. Grow medium of choice is canna coco bricks rehydrated. Ive moved to 3 gallon and i much prefer them over 5 gallon bags. Keep in mind a mature plant can get to 4ft tall by 4ft wide. I like to go from red solo cups to 1 gal and final pot 3 gal. Works out great and my current run is 17 1 gal fabric pots in a SOG. I’d say a big determining factor is the amount of time you want them in veg and what training methods if any you plan to go with. 1 plant would be enough itself for a 2x4 but ive seen some people grow up to 3-4 i wouldnt do more than 3 trained plants in a 2x4

I’m only using the 2x4 for my veg and will move them to the 5x5 for flower. Ideally I’d like to cut my veg time so I was thinking of trying 8 plants

I’m thinking veg in one gallon pots in the 2x4 and then move to 5x5 transplant to 3 gallon. Why do you prefer 3 gallon over 5?

I’d like to keep veg time under 45 days

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Are 3 gallon better for irrigation drips?

I run a perpetual. I veg my photo in a 3x3. I run auto along with flowering photo on 12/12 in my 4x8. As a photo chops i move another over. The auto give me vatiety and grow fine on 12/12 start to finish.

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Can you do low stress training in a sog situation?

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Is my 2x4 big enough to veg for my 5x5?

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Yes but a sog will not allow you to move plants around. Just lst no sog easier on me.

Yes it is.

How many plants would you suggest ideally I want to keep the veg time as short as possible and do lst training and supercropping

I have 4 in the 5x5 now but it took 9 weeks to veg these .

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3 in 5gal. 4 in 3gal. When you move to flip start 3-4 more. By harvest the new plants ready to flip. Rinse repeat. Also 3 photo and an auto in flower tent keeps 1 always harvesting if time it right.

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Ive had 3 ladies take up my whole 4x8 with LST and a trellis net. I veg in a 5x5 and move to a 4x8 for flower and dry in a 4x4. I try to keep it as perpetual as possible. Ill usually run anywhere from 2-4 plants and veg for 2 months before flip while doing LST and some kushman chiropractics. The grow im on now is a SOG and i split it into 2 different drip tray setup. Id have to agree with @Storm just keep them going one after another. Once one is in flower start new seeds and use your veg space. For fun you could even clone some plants after a flower run should you get bored and want to try something new or if you just find some really good phenotypes. For me it was important to have a drying tent to shave off some veg time and be able to control that environment better for a slow cure

Ive never successfully ran drip irrigation. The one time i did i made my reservoir air tight and flooded my whole setup then got mad and said never again. Learn from my mistakes lol

How long before harvesting should I pop my new seeds? I have a closet space for cloning propagation and I absolutely plan on cloning and pheno hunting.

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I have a t5 light and propagation tank in closet

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@BigCat420 ive also been doing Kyle kushmans chiropractic for all my girls and man oh man does it do wonders.