Pax 3 Dry Herb Vape

I have a Pax 3 that I have used a few times and feel disappointment with…or maybe it’s frustration I feel. I can get a small amount of smoke/vape from the Pax, but not much more than lightly seeing your breath on a cool morning. Of course I don’t expect to see a monster vape cloud, but I don’t think I am seeing the full potential the Pax offers.

Is there a trick to loading the bowl? I grind semi-fine, then pack the bowl medium tight so it still draws easily. The flower is not bone dry, but a very slightly bit moist like a good cured bud should be. I’m using the settings “3” and “4” so I should have plenty of heat to get some decent vape.

If anyone can share a tip or two, please let me know what I can do to get this thing to vape properly. THANKS!

I use a Da Vinci Ascent for the last 2.5 years after 40 years of rolling doobies and it takes time to adapt but it will happen .

  1. Pack the bowl 3/4 full and pack lightly so there is a spring in the herb
    2.Keep the machine CLEAN CLEAN of gunk / tar…this is a biggie !
    3.Do not expect to blow smoke, the THC will vape off with minimum smoke
  2. This is the tester…do not smoke any herb for 48hrs then try out your Pax
    5.I get high in a cleaner, lighter way and it my lungs are VERY happy
    6.Have you got the temperature set as per the handbook (go online for advice)
  3. Draw on the Pax slowly…mmmm :sunglasses:



I think my issues may be bowl packing, so I have experimented but only a few times. I’ll try looser bowls and drawing slower and with less pull.

I have varied the temps so I’ll loosen the bowl packs and try that.


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@MT3 I have a Pax 2 and it has power settings. Hold down the button and a red light appears. Then you can set from1 to 4. At 4 you will get about 5 massive hits before the material starts burning. Setting 3 is my preference

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I vape @ 365F…image

Do you actually get some reasonable amount of smoke clouds from the Pax at this setting…or is the smoke very thin with little volume?

the majority of smoke is carbon monoxide, which is produced by burning veg matter. Vaping does not create carbon monoxide if the temp is set correctly, do a google on carbon monoxide and you will get the drift.

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vape info…copy the link and paste into google :santa::woman_farmer::man_farmer:

Cant see a link?

i screwed up…sorry :santa:

go here and the info is the second post down.

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This leads me to a good question, @James68…one that you may know the answer to. I do like edibles and I also think the cannacaps are a good idea. I prefer to vape over and above the rest of the ways to medicate, and while smoking a joint or bowl is great, I tend to not like the lingering smell of smoke.

Do you think a few hits a day off the vape is harmful to our lungs? I’m not talking about e-juice with nicotine and such…no nicotine, just MBO and VG/PG blend. I’m talking about small amounts like 4 hits a day on the vape. Is this small amount considered dangerous to our health?

I personally believe that it is the better option than burning veg matter and putting carbon monoxide in our lungs, have a look at the posts in

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I forgot to write…vaping is the much lesser of the two evils.


I pull monster rips from my PAX 3. It prefers bud ground like you would be for a joint, unlike the Fire Fly 2 which prefers it chunkier. The iPhone app great for setting it up, i think I have mine set to boost mode, maybe 420 F, will check next time I use.


Does the Pax 3 give you a decent “cloud” of smoke? I am only able to get wispy thin smoke that is barely visible. I think I’m not doing it right?

Yes, I exhale big clouds. I have it set 410, thought it was 420

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One more tip, what bowl cover are you using?

I use the flattest bowl cover- the non weed saver one - to fill entire bowl packed tight. I recall trying the weed saver small bowl one, and not getting good rips.



@Big123 for the most satisfying hit, which out of the 2 (pax vs ff) is your favorite?

For vaporizing dry flowers the conduction heated Pax 3 much easier to use and consistently pull big rips one after the other with minimal effort.

FF2 - more temperamental, lid and gasket must be clean, seated just right, etc. - convection heater will deliver big satisfying hits, just not as easily, more of a learning curve.