Dry herb vape by da vinci

So picked up a dry herb vape about 2 weeks. The Ascent by Da Vinci. It is pretty slick. I have used it everyday since I got it. Finally got it dialed in. It has a timer on it that gives you about 10 minutes session and ramps temp automatic or just turn it on and manually ramp up temp. Myself I have it starting 385 for 2 minutes then ramp to 400 for 3 minutes and last ramp 420 for 3 minutes. Seems to keep a steady vape going. To me it seems that the high has a slight delay. The taste is fantastic. Almost no smell. Can vape in the house without anyone knowing. Battery life is not too bad. I have gotten close to 7 or so sessions before having to charge. It take a long time to charge battery. Over 3 hours. Overall I like it. My lungs are thanking me.

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Cool haven’t seen that one but we have the bud and liquid vape here. I don’t really prefer one over the other but the Mrs prefers the liquid vape.

Where did you pick that up @Smokin_ernie ?

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Sounds nice can you post a picture of it @Smokin_ernie

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Da Vinci painted masterpieces so I’m wondering if the vape by the same name… Sounds expensive! Lol


I got it at the local vape shop. Vape station I think is there name. They had a few different brands and price range. This one was the middle one and seemed to be the best for the money. It wasn’t cheap at 225$ I know some may say crazy but it has helped my lungs and the coughing.

I will post a pic in a bit. I have one that I will send and take a few more when I get home.

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Ok that looks like a nice one much better than the ones I’ve tried in the past
Thanks @Smokin_ernie I may look into one



This everything the kit comes with. Poker, extra tube glass, little glass containers for shatter or I guess an oil or something like that

Load dry bud

Vape away

Vaped and non vaped bud.



That’s pretty cool @Smokin_ernie how much bud does it hold? My gpro holds like a half gram I think

It will hold a lot. Not sure of the weight but it will take easily 2 full bowl packs. If that is a good measurement for ya😊

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I don’t pack super tight so I’m gonna say a bit more than a gram.

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I used a one hitter alot. I gotta dig out something and compare when I get a sec. Lol @Smokin_ernie


That probably is about right. I don’t pack it in to tight.

I have been saving the vaped bud for some butter or oil or something. I read there can be up 20% to 30% thc left in the vaped buds. I am not sure about that as I am not experienced with making edible out of them.

I was gonna do edibles too. I have an old cottage cheese container I dump mine into. But after smelling it I’m not going to make edibles. I might convert it to oil or something for the liquid vape or use it for making some salve. I’m gonna reuse it for sure!

Some guys mix it with reg bud and smoke it in their regular weed pipe

That looks nice :+1: it’s a bit pricey but is on my wish list of items lol
Thanks for the tag bro
I like the acesssories that it come with so you can use oils as well ? That’s cool :sunglasses:

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I know what you are saying about the smell. Not too sure how it would go but please tell about making oil and such.

I have a couple recipes on a different topic but I saved them to my computer as well. I will post them tomorrow. I’m watching the red Sox and the computer is in the office. Pedrioa just hit one into the monster seats.


You’re up late @Countryboyjvd1971

lol I’m getting ready to crash just got stuck reading the threads Brother
It’s late for me and need to put the tablet down @bob31
Have a great night bob

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