Part 2, Let's get rolling

Finally my most recent round of hash is dry and ready to be rolled into temple balls. I have a few different batches to roll out so I’m going to try a few new methods to see if I can make this process easier. This one should be educational for everyone. Plus I ran some hashpant that had been in the curing closet for almost 2 years. I think it may be my best yet.

You will need

  • good quality hash(I like 3-5g per ball)
  • large round glass bottle
  • heat resistant gloves
  • food grade cellophane(3mil is best)
  • nitrile gloves
  • Solid table or counter


  • 12" x 12"ish Piece of polished stone(granite or marble counter top)

Before you get started do a melt test on your hash. If it doesn’t pass the melt test then it probably Isn’t going to get much better with the aging process. I would suggest just pressing and skip the aging. You can even just smoke it as is. If you have some good hash though, it is well worth the effort to try a temple ball at least once.

  1. Clean off all your surfaces, tools, and your hands. Boil enough water to fill your bottle a few times. If your using the stone, pop that in the oven at 140 degrees until your water boils. You can go without the stone it will just take a little more elbow grease.

  2. Fill the bottle with boiling water and make sure it doesn’t leak. I use a whisky bottle with a cork. Get the stone and place it on your table. Cut a piece of cellophane. Start with big pieces till you get the hang of it. The hash is going to melt into a thin sheet so you want lots of extra room. Pour your dry hash into the middle of the sheet and fold it over.

  1. Use the boiling water bottle as a rolling pin to roll the hash into a thin sheet. This may take a little effort. Don’t forget to flip and spin the hash every few rolls. The idea here is to bust all those trich heads and let the resin flow.

Uneven color and texture. Watch for this to smooth out as you bust more and more trichs.

  1. Remove the hash from the heat and try to fold it up. It may be sticky and hard to deal with. I have a steel table I use to alternate the cellophane between the warm stone and cold table. The cold side of the cellophane will release more readily than the warm side. Just keep folding the hash in half, warm stone on one side for a few seconds then cold table the other side and quickly peel the two sides apart. Repeat until it’s all folded up in the middle then repeat 3 and 4 until color is consistent throughout and the texture is even and play-dough like. Usually 2 or 3 times.

Both color and texture are sooth and even

  1. Now that your sure you’ve busted all those trichs you can make the ball. Make sure you do this while the hash is still warm and pliable. I roll the ball around on the warm stone with light pressure until its shiny then finish on the cold table to cool it off.

Sadly I dropped this one so it’s a little dusty

  1. We have now sealed all that resin into a hard candy shell. you can wrap them in cellophane or put them in small jars to age. Whatever you use store them away in a dark, cool, and dry place. I say you want at least 90 days but in my experience longer is better. All the compounds inside will continue to mix and meld together getting just a little better each day. I’m not sure when this process actually stops but some connoisseurs say up to 2 years. Happy hashing everyone

Looks perfect!!!

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