Parent genes are crazy!

I just think it is so unreal how plants have similar traits as humans,for example is how one plant can look more like the father and one looks more like the mother. Both are super skunk but look totally different. They grow the same as in shape and height but looks are crazy different to me! Also I think I need to start being more patient with the vegetative stage,and maybe less tops


Naw… ALL THE TOPS! But maybe add a SCROG net next time. The differences are definitely cool and you’re girls are gorgeous. :metal:


Appreciate it bud! Alls I did this go round was lst and wanted to do scrog bad but never got the chance to make a portable one,but definitely will next go!

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I think I’m going to have the same problem with my biggest girl. My girlfriend went FIM crazy (5 times total). lol

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I’ve counted 26 to 28 bud sites on one and about 30 sites in the other so ain’t no telling how many I did,if only I would had done longer than a 4 week veg then I’d have a monster to tame lol