Par/lux meter hunt

So I have some hlg550v2 rspecs. I dont want to burn the girls but want an accurate and sufficient amount of light at the same time…which leads me to search for a par meter. What are the most cost effective and reliable meters out that wont break my pocket? Need to be able to read leds and reds! Thanks!

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what you want is a Spotmeter

Any ideas as to what is a reliable and cost effective one?

@Myfriendis410 listed one on another thread but I can’t figure how to transfer the link. :roll_eyes: Was only 26.99 on Amazon.
“Light intensity question “ is the heading @Jbudz.
Hope it helps. :v:

Take a look here

A calculator to convert LUX to Par and there is then another calculator that you’ll use to take the above conversion to show you your Daily Light Inegral which you will use to figure out best strategy.

I use this meter to start the process and with the conversion calculator it will get you close enough. They won’t work on blurple lights but get close with the lights you have.

There are others like this available as well.

Hope this helps

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So if using lux to measure light intensity for led’s ranges would be 8-13k lux for veg & 10k-30k for flower? Really debating wat to get, I just want to be sure I’m dialing in these hlg rspec panels in range…dont want to fry my plants

Use a phone lux meter, then take that result over to here:

I live in California, my power company is PG&E. To promote energy efficiency, PG&E has test equipment available on loan for free. I have used some light meters from PG&E. I’m only aware of the tool library in San Francisco, but there might be others. Also, I wonder if other power companies might loan out test equipment to promote energy efficiency.

Os this a good meter? Or better out there?

I like it. Thanks