PA outdoor grow

First time grower. Doing lowryder 2 from seed. Best time to start seeds in outdoor containers.

You could start them now inside and move outdoors in a couple weeks. Get a headstart


My son is in Ohio and has already started his outside in pots you just need to watch the night time temps and bring them in if needed. These plants can take pretty cool temps, I would already start them if I we’re you good luck and welcome to the forum


Thank you for your advice

Thank you for responding so soon to my request.

Hello all. I am new to all this, so bear with me.
I just received my seeds (GG fem) and was curious about the grow time. I believe I saw roughly 9 weeks but was not sure if that was autoflower or fem, from seed or another stage. I have to grow outdoors so time is an issue as I am in South PA.
Last year a friend gave me 2 plants and I just threw them in garden and harvested first week of November. So I think I have until then, which would give me roughly 17-18 weeks til harvest.
Can I start now or is it too late? I am familiar with flowers and vegetables, and I usually start indoors and transplant shortly after mother’s day. But this is a whole different animal.
I was going to plant in a 2 pint pot after germination and put in garden, so it is acclimated to sun from the start. And then transfer to the ground when it is needing more room. Any suggestions or advise would be great. Thanks.


Not sure you could get a photo plant in in that time. I grow outside usually a 6 month grow time.
I believe the plants will go to flower with shorter days they won’t reach full potential outside… Autos on the other hand will make it easily.


I’m in upstate NY planting autos in a week or so, September 20 will be 9 weeks of growing time, we’ll see how it goes as I usually start earlier

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Thanks for taking the to respond to my questions. Have a great grow

They should Go well just depending on weather and temperatures and I there is Amy light coming through doesn’t stuff befuddled

I’ll tag ya when I start the grow

Plenty of time 17 weeks

Hi guys, I would like you to see my Red Skunk this year to see what you think


Looking nice and healthy you can probably start taking some of the bigger sun leaves off now they aren’t required and saves the plants energy in killing them off be great to see how it looks in 4-5 weeks

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I like the skunk varieties outside too here’s mine still a few weeks to go This is today before I started staking and taking the unnecessary sun leaves out

Hello friend, I do not understand English well. Do you mean cut large leaves that are no longer necessary? Thank you

This beautiful friend, how good she looks very healthy

Yes the very large leaves start with first
Then next week do the same again
The picture’s I’ve posted are before I’ve removed the large leaves tomorrow I’ll post a pictures of after I have removed the unnecessary leaves

This is after I have taken the leaves off

Thanks today I will cut some leaves! Your plants looks very healthy and very good !!

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