Ozone machines to clear air?

Good morning, how do you deal with the smell of growing plants indoors? I was told to try an ozone machine, but that appears to have pros and cons as well. Thanks in advance.

I believe most folks use a carbon filter. (assuming you are in a confined space, like a tent)

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Ozone machines can be flat out dangerous. I’d read a lot about how to manage one before I went for it.

Honestly, a good carbon filter will remove smells and is in no way dangerous.


Yes, in a grow room. I have the filters but if I am still smelling the plants throughout, perhaps there is a leak somewhere.


I use ozone, be wary of over use, it is an oxidizer O3. It works awesome, but concentrated can cause lung issues, metals to corrode, sanitize things you dont want it to, kill pets like birds etc.


If in your tent or near it .It killz plants


Oh hell No, in the outlet vent line, I guess I shoulda clarified that. Kills odors dead, like a self flushing toilet.


Outlet woulx be fine. I killed 2 plantsby having machince in tent


Yeah, no. I’m a direction reader, my lamp came with specific directions including times to run for volume of room to not get a Build-up and to not use in a pet or human occupied area that is occupied for more that 4 hours at a time. Once you know that Storm Lightning smell it has when it builds up, you can keep it low.
I did have some galvanized duct-work that rusted only in the spot at the discharge.

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Just get ur self a good inline exhaust system with a good carbon filter


That’s the easy answer, for most 3-4 plant growers, I don’t know the OP’s situation.
I used to grow 12-16 1 gals in SOG and an 8in Carbon wasnt enough, so in came the Ozone and no more odor problems.

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Ozone no good for active grow or to be running in your home. Not for ongoing scent maintenance anyway. A quality carbon filter should do what you need it to. If not working I would suspect an airleak or faulty filter. Carbon filters won’t work well in too high of humidity either.