Odor Elimination

I know the best way to rid an area of odor is the carbon filter and duct fan. However, in the winter, this is not so practical at my place, because the incoming air would be way too cold. So, I looked around for an inexpensive alternative. I looked at ozone generator type removers. I read a bit about them, and even on the EPA website, they state it could be detrimental to house plants. So, the house might smell fresh, but all the plants die? Anyone with any experience in using an ozone generator to remove grow room odor? Any advice appreciated. Just trying to plan my next winter grow. I’m getting a gas heater and whole house humidifier to help use air flow, bit just curious about these devices. Thanks.


Why would you need an ozone generator. They kill plants

You can look into products such as this… Random link, didn’t price shop.



Rather than ducting air from outside could you just duct it in from the room your tent is in? (Assuming you are growing in a tent)

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@Jmesser80 I have my grow set up in my basement which get into the 50 with no heat during a real cold winter
Any way what I do it just dump my exhaust air back into my basement out of my tent and let the air recirculate
So to answer your question yes you can

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That’s what I do too. Was curious if the OP was able to do that with his setup rather than brining air from outside. :+1:

I would have to say yes @Jmesser80
I bring in fresh out door air into my room as well but in winter
If his intake is connected to out side Maybe disconnecting in the winter would be a better option ?

How about a T splitter on your intake duct drawing air from both inside the tent and outside. You could then control the airtemp by drawing air in from either duct or both.

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If is to cold in my house I use a pressure pot(that is use to boil meat). I fill with water and heated just enough to keep the room heated 5-7h.

I have a carbon filled bag, made out of felt and cost about 25 bucks. I have to say it really doesn’t smell unless I start Minster cropping and such. Just hang it in your tent

Thanks for all the advice. I never considered just exhausting what was filtered right back into the basement. Recirculating the already heated air should help reduce the bills too. I will have to give that a try.