Oxygen putting a little extra in your grow room

What is the advantages & disadvantages of adding extra oxygen to your grow room

I haven’t heard of adding oxygen , have seen where people add co2. So not sure.

@SKORPION iv been reading a lot they say extra oxygen in your grow rooms makes plant grow faster? What iv you heard

Well plants breathe co2 , so makes sense.

@LoCoRock have you ever added extra coz to your grow room

Oh OK sorry took a bit to get it, yeah I have a window fan to increase air flow into the room. But the concern I heard was be careful because it would also bring in pollen. When I saw oxygen my first thought was a oxygen tank that is extremely flammable.

The reading iv done you can get a bag and hang it by your :seedling: for extra coz but you also don’t want put to much either

Dissolved O2 in your water/nute solution as well as in hydro is beneficial. I’m not familiar with extra O2 in your ambient air making a difference.

@Drinkslinger thank you drinks linger

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Like @Drinkslinger said its not a matter of bringing in more oxygen. You have to have a exchange of old air out and new air in. Co2 exist in nature at about 450 ppm’s. Plants essentially breathe in co2 and Exhale oxygen. So you need to circulate fresh air in for plants to thrive.


@Bulldognuts can you make extra coz iv read like you get vinager put some baking soda on a tray than make a drip system to bring in extra coz? Have you ever heard that theory

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It’s just bringing old air out bringing in fresh air

I’ve seen that and they also sale co2 bags that supposedly raise co2 in a enclosed area. Many of the more experienced growers here have pointed out that you need very specific grow conditions for it to do any good. Those conditions are for one intense lighting and pressurized control of environment. Something many indoors growers can’t achieve in normal environments.


@Bulldognuts nice feedback you gave me a lot to think about than

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its weed dude not a sick person in hospital :rofl:

Extra coz @James68 iv been reading a lot I see some growers put a bag of coz hang it by there plants but since iv been on this site I haven’t seen one bag hanging yet in a grow room

Do what? All I said is I understand co2. Because plants breathe it, then there’s air than contains oxygen , hydrogen, nitrogen and co2. And then there’s oxygen that highly flammable. So???

Another thing after the work the science of chemicals, nutrients and learning the art. I find cannibus to be an art not a WEED. Weed is a uncontrollably plant that grows without human interaction , I cut weeds every month when I do my landscaping. I find a vast difference.

@SKORPION I’ll have to ask the professionals about this or I’ll do more reading to make my mind up searching around on the eternet looking at grow rooms I see a bag of coz hanging by plants and @Enlightened420 had a bag to

I get that just @James68 kinda replied to me it says in the top corner, and I was like what.