Indoor Question: Increasing CO2?

i believe i may have read somewhere on here that candles can be used to provide extra CO2 to assist plant growth. I know you can buy bags that release CO2 but i may need some extra heat in the attic/loft and my first grow has a slim budget

Is it viable? If so, what sort of quantity or size candle(s) would I need for 2-4 small Indica plants (Exodus kush) in a 2x2x6 tent

Trying to fill my head with as much info as possible now so i can go both barrels and give the ladies everything they need.


The only way youll know for yourself is buy a Co2 meter and test different things.

In my opinion safety should always come first. Leaving burning candles unattended would be bad ideal. The price of a small space heater and co2 bags could be less than $30. And a lot of really successful growers on here don’t use co2 bags at all in their grows. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


I would be a little paranoid about having a candle in my attic or inside my tent for fire hazard reasons. Good luck


Have to say I agree with the others. Outside of the fire risk, it takes a pretty stout room before you need to supplement co2. All of the data suggests that ambient co2 isn’t depleted until around a ppfd average of 1000 umols per second. If you’re close to that, then you need to be able to keep the co2 in th ed space while keeping cool during lights on. Once you can do that, the amount of co2 that would be required to make a difference you won’t get from those bags. I’m not sure about candles, but I suspect it would take a lot of them.

All things considered, co2 is for large sealed rooms with a ton of light and air conditioning. Not worth the risks.


Thanks guys, I really appreciate you taking the time to respond

I’ll cross this method off my list.

Feel free to close the thread :+1:

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I’m glad that you realized that , that was a bad idea and I’m glad that your not going to pursue this idea… :wink:
But I still think that every grower should have one of these and no I dont work for them… but I’m really leaning towards safety this year when helping people to grow… :wink:

Anyways , this can save your life and your property for less then a $100 bucks… look into it please… :wink:



Thanks, i agree with safety.

Thats why i bought a smoke alarm to put by the tent…