Overwatering. Underwatering

I realize I’m a complete beginner. And hardly anyone that can give advice. But in my endeavors I have found out it’s pretty easy to water too much. Done a bit of research and I came up with the first two inches of soil are dry it’s good to water. Sitting today stuck my finger up to my knuckle poked a hole and soil was crumbling. Decided to go buy a three in one meter. Glad I did. Stuck it in the soil and meter came back with off the charts wet. All four plants. Ph is another thing I have to deal with now. But I’ll let this dry up 3-4 days and try adding some vinegar see what happens. Buy yourself a meter guys.
Thanx. I been overwatering from day one. But plant still looks not to bad. Except bottom leaves are drooping.

Those 3 in 1 meters? Only use is checking soil mositure. The pH reading on those is highly incorrect.

To check if I need to water. I simply pick up the container, if it feels empty, it’s time to water.

I use a true moisture meter, if am second guessing myself. It’s worth the 10 bucks on Amazon!


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I was guessing myself with the droopy bottom leaves. Even though the top two inches were dry.