Overwatering symptoms but soil is not water logged, cont

Sorry, I forgot to add pictures.

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If heat is excessive it will do that. If roots were damaged it will do that.


Thanks for your reply. I would that max temp in the low 80s as not excessive.

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Looks way under watered IMHO.

Also you can just add to your last post instead of creating a new one.


I’m going with the under watered to lift the pots check the weight

Thanks for your input. I watered this morning, thoroughly. Now they’re drooping more than ever. It has to be over watered, don’t you think? I can’t lift these. They’re 3’x3’x1.5’ raised beds structured with 1.5" thick
cedar boards with no bottom.

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If you can lift a 3x3 raised bed I’m staying out of your way


Raised beds can dry out quicker than you would assume because they tend to have better drainage being elevated. If that’s a moisture reader in the picture that you are judging moisture by, I wouldnt rely on that.

Paul Bunyan reincarnated.

Yea, I’m not confident with that meter either. I did test the soil with my hands all the way to the bottom, trying not to disturb any roots. It felt moist but not soggy. No mold. This whole drama with my ladies is bumming me out & baffling as hell.

How much are u watering it at 1 time. Maybe it is not enoigh and sometimes they will droop a bit more just after a watering as she is soaking up moisture making everything heavier. How much u water when u do water. Are u feeding any food yet how aboit a picture of the whole plant also to see how the whole looks. By the way nice node spacing

3xexq.5 deep gonna need like 30. Or so gallons to get her nice for a day or 2 lol. Thats a big azz pot

I’ve been giving them 8gals each watering. That worked quite well during last year’s crop.

Besides the droop she looks good. Hmmm no yellowing leaves?? Im thinking she needs alot more water like 30 gallons to drench her down good. The outside heat she is probably lacking major water atleast. Dont look to be food deprived

There are yellowing leaves, especially in the other girl that has the same problem. I’ve been pinching them off to save her energy.

Lets see @Myfriendis410 @Cannabian @MrPeat grow outside i believe all do maybe they can help. Is 8 gallons enoigh feed for one time in that maybe shes hungry r u feeding?? If not what soil is it in any amendments or teas given

You may need to water more frequently? Some mediums have too good a drainage… they dont retain water well enough. Outdoor plants are generally bigger than their indoor cousins and as a result they are also thirstier. If you are experiencing rather hot weather or a lot of wind, plants will require more frequent watering. I use actual organic soil that retains water better than most commercial mixes. Some folks that use sunshine or promix find that drip irrigation works very good because it maintains a level of constant moisture.
If you are watering by hand, water slowly and water deeply. Then observe your plant over the course of the first hour to see if turgidity improves. If it does, great! Now do the opposite, wait until wilting begins and then you will know what yout watering intervals should be. Ideally wilting should never happen but if you catch it fast enough its no big deal.

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