Overnight Catastrophe

Crap, Crude, Dirty Drawers, and other such. I went to bed last night with three reasonably healthy plant about 3 - 3 1/2 weeks old (SEE Subject: Think I’m Cursed under this same Topic). The attached pics will show what I awoke to. Lacking any better alternative I’m going to transplant to soil hoping to save at least one plant out of this fiasco. I am truly ready to throw my hands up. Out of Cannabis seeds now I’m seriously considering to just try Tomatoes. Any ideas on what happened and could the back to the transplant work? HEEELLLLPPPPP!

That looks like a very serious case of root rot. This isn’t making sense if all the other parameters are really in check. I’m not sure, also see the original thread, I noticed some new information I’m confused about when you added an edit and apparently added some more information.

In the mean time, get those plants into fresh pH’ed aerated water, don’t worry about nutes, they have some large green leaves they can survive on for the short term. See if the healthier ones, or all of them recover, if so, this tends to confirm my suspicions in the other thread.

It would be better if this was in your original thread.

I do see a few new roots attempting to grow out of that slime. Without knowing what you have been doing; I cannot make a guess. However; That amount of root rot did not happen overnight. These roots had to be affecred from anywhere from 3 days to a week or more, before last night. Sorry:(