Over year old nutes still good?

I have the fox farms line of nutrients and wondered if they’d still be good since I’ve had them over a year? I also have been having an issue with my ph meter where it won’t stay on one exact number can y’all recommend a reliable one since I have had ph issues on my other grows.

Your bottles of nutrients should be fine.

Here is what most people here use and recommend for a Ph meter:


Just got one of those Apera pH20 myself and it is great.


I read it said it doesn’t accurately read the ph of distilled water is that true? @Smokin_ernie

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Yes I do recall it saying something about it. I would have to read it again but there isn’t enough of something in the distilled water to conduct. I could be wrong but Maybe @Screwauger might know I believe he has the same meter.

I use well water.

Here is something I found on google there is more to the article:
Measuring the pH of pure water is challenging because
the pH electrode response tends to drift and may be slow,
non-reproducible and inaccurate. Measurements in these
samples are more difficult because of the low conductivity
of the sample, differences between the low ionic strength
solutions and normal ionic strength buffers, changes in
the liquid junction potential and the absorption of carbon
dioxide into the sample. Since pure water solutions have a
low conductivity, the solution will tend to act as an
“antenna” and the electrode response can be noisy.

I’m not sure the science behind it but I read the same about distilled water. I only use D water to rinse my meters (ppm and ph) but I don’t feed my plants distilled water.

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Good reliable Ph pen @raustin … works great!

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When I watered with distilled my ph was 7 on every jug and had some of the Frostiest girls ever not sure tho I also clean with distilled even though I use city water now buying water is a pain a can get pricey


Gota love well water!

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