OVER-Nutrient during Flowering? Possible? Outdoor

This plant is getting sunlight, kept outside when warm enough, at a window when cold. (Southern California)
Can you OVER Nutrient a plant in the flowering stage, using low nitrogen and high P and K?
3- nitrogen

*The stuff I have is powder that I lightly dig into the top of soil. I also add it to the water about once a week or so. I monitor Ph.

If so, what does it look like if I do? Does it flower more slowly? Or?

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Yes, you can over feed any plant, during any time of growth. Too much, or even too little, and your plant will be affected. How badly depends on exactly what nutrients are being over used.

The rule of thumb is to usually go with 1/2 the recommended feeding for the first couple times you feed, until you get a handle on exactly what your plant likes. Less is better when it comes to nutrients (you’ll learn after a few grows what your plants like), you can always give more, but it’s much harder to take them out or try to get rid of it.



@ktreez420 is right about a 1/2 strength and it’s espacelly true with powder nutrients, you can have nutrient lock if you over feed them and under feeding has to be consider has well and to verify which one it is you should mesure ppm with a TDS meter. If the runoff reading is under what you’re putting in it’s under feed, if the reading is higher than what you putting in you have nutrient building up and nutrient lock it is…

Hoping that’s helping you @Hoyt :innocent:

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Thank you much. I realize I’ll be learning a lot more about this. So far I have no idea about amounts, etc. Just what the label says. I can recognize a happy plant, full of uplifted leaves and dancing pistils.

Can you recommend a good guide in addition to the guide offered on this site?

Thanks again!

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