Over fertilized and replanted

I killed a plant previously by over fertilizing it. The plant was turning yellow at week 7 so I fertilized and the fertilizer seemed to have zero effect. So week 8 I fertilized again and the plant almost turned white. It was over fertilized. I removed 90% of the dirt being as careful as I could and 4 days later the plant is back to being emerald green with streaks of yellow. I replanted using Fresh Fox Oceans. I can give it another week of veg for further recovery or I can flip it? Should I flip it? When I flip it do I want to add flower fertilizer or no because it’s in Fresh Ocean soil?

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Pics or it didn’t happen


I would let it recover fully before flipping to flower and no nutrients for a while

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I would like to see pictures as well, specifically to see how developed plants are.


I’m with them. I wanna see before pics and after the transplant if u have them. Lol. Would be interesting to see. I’d give it a bit of time before u flip atleast til u see some positive growth coming back to the plant. Once u see nice growth happening again I’d say be a good flip time but I’d wait til I seen the good new growth hapoening


I’ll give an update. This is really a learning process for me. I flipped them about 3 weeks ago and the first week there was zero flower. Second week I had typical flower starting process. Basically I am week 4 of flower and they were very healthy but one of the plants just took a nose dive I went back to the plant being basically every nutrient deficiency possible…all of the deficiencies. One of the plants just shows phosphorus deficiency but the other plant just awful. I am posting a new topic because I see a trend with my progress and I need to know how to correct it.