Outdoors First timer in Bakersfield, CA. General grow info

Im looking to find out what kind of bugs these are and some possible solutions to keeping them away.

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Your pics did not upload.
Be sure the meter goes up to %100 before you post or the pics won’t be uploaded. :+1:

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I’m not good at identifying pests but I’m sure some other memebers can give you a hand.
I would recommend picking up some diatomaceous earth to sprinkle in them and on top of the soil should help get rid of them.


first one is some kind of catapillar, them annoying web making ones. Second might be a thrip…

Either way, Food Grade DE (DiatomaceousEarth) sprinkled around might take care of them, or have heard neem oil suggested for pests also. Please wait for more opinions, as I am only in my 2nd grow and could be off a bit, lol…


Cool thank guys.

Here’s a full shot of my grow.



Don’t know what they are. But Neem Oil or food grade DE just like @Ron330 said.

Looking good though! Get them now before they destroy your crop.

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Cool thank guys I’m going to the garden surplus store today

Inch worms very common in California and Arizona


On one of my plants the edges of the new growth have like a yellow-whitening discoloration here’s a few photos.

Any ideas of why this is happening? And y only the one? If you look at the pic of the full grow it’s the plant to the right of the biggest plant in the photo.

Are they being fed as I notice you are growing outdoors, if they are being fed it could be a slight over fertilization


But y only the one?

Just dusted the plants with DiatomaceousEarth using a baby powder bottle.

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@Majiktoker This is my biggest plant it’s about 2 1/2 feet tall. It’s between the plant that had the bug problem at the top of this post and the plant with the whitening leafs. I got the seeds for these plants from purchasing large quantity of top shelf shake. I started with 21 plants that germinated from the seeds and where sprouted using a general potting mix after a few days they where planted in the ground on 6/21/17 and I am now down to 14 plants. I used a combination of nitrogen fertilizer 46-0-0,Earth juice bloom, and Epson salt. I am open to any & all knowledge you ladies and gentlemen wish to bestow on me.

This is the plant to the right of of the plant with the whitening leafs tips.

How is the bug problem going? I’ve been going crazy fighting pests. I’ll tag you to my journal


Awesome work time and love

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Exactly! And it takes no time for them to make a mess of your plant.