Outdoor training and is it worth doing

Wandering if anyone has done or know someone that has done plant training to outdoor plans and seen good results?

Yes there’s a thread on here called ‘The art of bender’ you might like and there’s somebody else who grows them like Roses by repeatedly sticking the stem in the soil to root and thinks it becomes a bunch of plants, or something like that I don’t really get that one but the bender one is a pretty good read

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Just added that one to my ILGM files. !! Great article.

I have just started one and have a thread going ,I put updated pics up yesterday,

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I have trained so many plants. For desired space ,hight or to simply lay them on the floor to scrog them. Indoor im am new but outdoor i know a thing or two. If you have any questions i can help.please feel free to ask.

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@Soilgrowth I have a question , I started my training outdoors last week, what I didn’t notice was that I almost ripped one of the branches off, I have tapped it back up now [not that it will re attach ,just to give it more strength] now it is doing fine and still growing , so my question is , how much more bending can I do safely to that branch or do I need to leave it alone now?

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I bend until i notice flowering. But i bend two or three branches wait a week bend more. This works outside
But if you noticed i cut the whole top off and had only four main branches. You can scrog outside. If you dont bend to the extreme like I do. Im indoor now except one plant a year outdoor. Best outdoor is in green house .

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@Soilgrowth I’m New to growing and have started with bag seed in 8 litre pots so while they grow and I wait for them to show gender I’ll be prepping 1m x 1m x 500 holes and prepping my own super soil recipe for potential females.

So I guess my question really is am I on the right track and for the future what training technique should I use?

Also can you please tell me why green house is better?

Yes. One thing once they show gender. You must wait till 12 inches tall to bend after topping. When totop. Wait till there is like 8 to ten nodes. Top plant one week. Let rest a week. Then. Take off bottom 4 four branches so only 4 left. 4 is easier to bend on a cycle.i cut the whole top off and clone. Makes more plants. I use root tech gel. Anyhow. Once you all topping. Wait it needs time to heal. Like a week. Then bend close to the bottom. Squeeze branch at bottom till she bends a little then bend her down . You can do two branches each time. Next bend like a week later . And so on. Till budding then stop.

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A greenhouse gives you control of the outdoors. Weather has a big impact on growing outside. Theres pros and cons to this but . I like to green house a plant. If i can.

Ok yep as I suspected with the green house (could be on the cards).

To my next question.
Would it be a good idea to take cuttings from my few young unknown gender plants (since there bag seed) and put them under a 300w led grow light @ 12 12 to get them to show there gender as a fast track to find out weather / what plants I should be putting my efforts into?

I should also mention that one plant in particular has out grown all others by 3x.
They’re all the same age around 5 weeks.

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@Aussieboy ,Bunnings have one that is 2m high for $49 , if you take the shelves out it fits 3 plants nicely

@Coltfire are you talking about a green house?

Yes they have two in their but the cheaper one is better@Aussieboy

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