Outdoor soil help

Do most of you that grow outside use a pot or put the plant directly in the ground the reason I ask is should I be making a spot to plant with better soil than what is already there?

In the ground if you don’t need to move it and want it to get BIG!

Definitely need to amend your soil if you go in ground.

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I have a few in ground and a few in 15 gallon grow bags. Even though my soil is good for the girls in ground I dug 3x2 hole put organic super soil in bottom 1/3 and organic promix on top layer the same as my bags.
The reason I have some in grow bags is to restrict growth some. If you have no space issues I would put all in ground.

Thanks for the Info. To late to do anything this year I wasn’t really prepared as I should’ve been and the girls are already in the ground. Space is not an issue as I have a Lotta ground to plant on, but I do keep them spread way apart in different areas on my land.

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