Outdoor season grow

I’m in NC and it’s about September 1 gambling on enough warm weather this year to grow some veg outside. Any body agree? There have been some warm falls lately.

This is garden croner man. Lol I’m talking peppahs and squash

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Lol. You should have time for squash for sure. Peppers could go either way

NC? Where abouts? I was Davie County for a long time.

I have one pepper plant I tied down and what not about six or seven peppers. I topped one and it’s tall but not a single pepper. I just grow jalapeño and maybe anaheims or cayenne. Habanero too hot for me. I ate a sliver of one once and could feel it burning it’s way down my innards. I’m too old for that "this ain’t hot " junk. I need to quit growing my yeller crooknecks in the ground. Low ass growing jokers need to be in a pot. Need to look into where to find smart pot material and sew my own. Looking for a thicker material and not the stuff that looks like weed blocking cloth

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Davie county? Those are good folks. I’m in western NC

I’d use a heavy burlap. You can get it cheap from hobby places. I’ve been thinking of making some myself.

Trying to get a greenhouse set up. Have a small one but making a bigger pvc one and it will keep the dog and cats out of my crops

Yeah I’ve seen you mention it elsewhere. I’d like to make a small one to start plants early in the spring. I may get enough glass together one day. I have a decent collection of old doors and windows just for that. I’m a bit of a hoarder I sometimes think, but I repurpose lots of junk.


Reusable grocery bags are often used as smart pots.


Yeah, I’ve seen that too

I did that. Works good but not quit as good as a fabric pot. May rip seams of bag double it up and sew a pot


Shoot after July Walmart gets rid of all their summer crap what’s up with that? Oh well got my twist tiller for $11 and a bag of tomato food for $1.50 I’m easily amused lol My butternut squash is finally growing one lol I used to cut in half and bake in a shallow dish of water for an hour then scoop. Then I tried the microwave. I poke holes in it and mic for 8 min. Comes out perfect for scooping out. Modern marvels huh? I couldn’t imagine waiting an hour for oven to cook a TV dinner in the sixties. Not a great payoff for the wait

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I tend to repeat myself lol I was on two forums but couldn’t remember where I said what. So just stick around here. On other one it’s full of people who tell you exactly what “you need to do” lol ok teach

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Unless it’s a typo Vic’s. Banned til aug30 2017 ???

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Do what? That’s crazy

in their defense… TV dinners were way better back then than they are now… these days you have to eat five of the damned things…
and don’t even get me started on pot pies…

Lol banquet pot pies are my
JAAAAAAMMM :tada::boom::fire: sorry marathon watched key and peele on Hulu. I tried the more expensive pot pies but $4 a bit much.
TV dinner lol fried chicken Mashed potato and a brownie flavored brick.

Update. Banned forever. Looked at his cakes. Pretty kick ass

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Lol yea he’s a good guy, definitely talented!