Outdoor plant is huge but as it starting to bloom the leaves are turning yellow

I transferred this RB plant outside in late may, it was 5 weeks old and it has grown into a huge plant, it is 6’ tall and 6’ wide. Now that’s it’s starting to flower the leaves are turning yellow and then they get brown and crunchy. I have my soil ph between 5.5 and 6.3. The branches that don’t have yellowing leaves, the buds on those branches are much bigger than the branches that have yellow leaves. This is the biggest plant I-have ever seen. I live in the northeast USA.



Optimum soil pH is between 6-7 …6.5 is what I aim for…
Is it in a pot?
Looks hungry to me.
How long into flower is it?




Nice big monster point , It is normal for a plant to lose a few fan leafs during flowering stage. But your plant looks to be losing more than normal. As mentioned might pick up the bloom feed a bit. Good luck


Gorgeous lady! I would love to grow a monster like that! Happy growing :blush::v:


Flowering since August 1st, I checked the rh of the soil everyday and keep it between 30-60.

Thanx I will try that

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What a gorgeous monster!!! Going into flower, she’s getting hungry. Fans will fade and fall off with age. Kinda like my dang hair lol. Bump that pH up some as suggested, that will help slow it down. And I’m not sure of your nutes, but you’re in full flower, and she’s a dadgum Shrek of a plant, so nom nom nom.


6.8 pH is good for flowering.


Thank you

It’s in the ground ph is around 6.4. I will give more flowering nutes. Since the leaves are turn yellow I was thinking I should give it nitrogen rich nutes too. Is that right?

Most Bloom nutes will have some (N ) value. You can also Scratch in a little blood meal.