Outdoor marijuana pruning

A question from a fellow grower:

Quick question, about the vegetating states but more specifically how many pruning should you make your plant endure before harvesting? I witnessed magnificent vegetating growth after the first pruning but with no real buds yet. It’s an outdoor situation. Just wondering to know if you might be able to address my particular situation?

Well; Hard to say, because, I never prune my plant during Veg. I do not want to stress it. Stress stunts growth, and stresses the plant. The fan leaves are the heart and lungs of the plant. The plant needs respiration, and the leaves provide this. They help to balance the plant from being over heated.
You may get other answers,but, I never attempt to force my plant to endure anything. I try to let it grow naturally; As nature intended. Nurture the plant :smiley:

Yeah, I prefer training to pruning. I only would prune dwarfed undergrowth (undergrowth that isn’t going to get enough sun), some people call these “sap suckers” on other types of plants as they will sap the size and growth out of the other “tops”.

“suckers” Not going into that. Whole other thing.

I like the mention of the useless new foliage or shoots, well under the canopy and useless. (unless you plan to re-vwg). I agree; stripping them off doesn’t stress the plant hardly at all. Just don’t go overboard. I do this on my peppers.